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Gain Practical Business Skills
While Creating a Positive Impact

PCA is a volunteer-led non-profit, member organization which provides monthly live educational and networking events and online product resources for its members.  PCA needs staffing support from volunteers, interns, and part-time paid staff to run and expand the organization's ongoing operations to serve its members.

Like any small service business our ongoing business work activities can be categorized as follows:

  • Business Strategy 
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Operations - Member Services & Product Delivery
  • Business Support 

What experience
does PCA offer?

 Our volunteer PCA board members are highly experienced coaches and business owners with extensive academic, corporate, and entrepreneurial leadership backgrounds to support your personal growth as we work together. We will actively collaborate with you to support PCA operations and accomplish PCA projects and goals.

Internships for PCA will report to the Operations Manager and work closely with and receive supervision, mentoring and specific duties (and their instructions) from the respective PCA Board members who are responsible for various areas of the PCA business.

Are You a Good Match for PCA?

  • We seek interns who have an interest in learning more about coaching and professional development and about how small professional services businesses work from the inside.
  • We seek people who are energized and motivated by the desire to serve and contribute to the benefit of others in a meaningful way.
  • We seek people who want to see a positive impact from their work, and who can work with a high degree of initiative and independence with minimal supervision

Qualifications and Skills Requirements

  • Pursuing an Academic Degree in Communication, Marketing, Small Business, Membership, or a related field.
  • Able to provide self with reliable transportation, computing and web access for on and off-site shifts/projects.
  • Competent user of Google Office Suite of Products (Docs, Sheets, etc.)
  • Competent producer of “Social Media” OR user of the major platforms.
  • Willingness to learn and apply support technologies that PCA uses, e.g., ASANA
  • Demonstrate superior listening/comprehension skills and EITHER written, oral OR organizational skills.
  • Able to think “ahead” to see and take initiative as well as work “independently” with minimal supervision.
  • Able to work (commit to) minimums of: 2 days a week, 4 hours per “shift”, 3 “shifts” per week, and 12 weeks!

Marketing & Sales Support Opportunities

Marketing: You would be responsible to help PCA in attracting and growing a database of prospective members by any of the following activities

  • Create social media graphics
  • Video editing (editing PCA event recordings to pull powerful snippets for marketing content)
  • Writing PCA event summaries to use in content marketing - blog, newsletter, social media posts
  • Pulling powerful content snippets and quotes/posts from past recordings in PCA event library
  • Promote PCA events, content, products, and services in social media
  • Create visual and written content for social media (content posts, graphics, video snippets from PCA events)
  • Improve copywriting and marketing assets (website copy, newsletters, social media posts, event promotion)
  • Manage PCA social media channels (posting, engaging)
  • Conduct market research via web and social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube) to identify sources of prospective coach and service provider members (micro-business owners, small businesses and “service industry” associations)

Sales: You would be responsible for setting up appointments, having collaborative, educational conversations about PCA, and enrolling prospective clients as PCA members

  • Research and identify prospective members on social media 
  • Send direct outreach messages via social media to explore interest
  • If prospect is interested, enter contact information into contact tracking system, and set up connection call appointments
  • Conduct connection calls to prospects, and record results in contact tracking system. Set up follow up conversations as needed.
  • Enroll new members into PCA  

Operations Opportunities -
Member Services & Products Support 

Member Services: You would be responsible for new member onboarding, delivering customer services, and help to create a warm welcoming culture, and ensure members are receiving continuing value for their membership.

  • Add new members into contact management system
  • Ensure member Kajabi resources are put in place (member directory, coach finder web page, marketplace web page)
  • Follow up to ensure members know how to access their membership benefits, e.g., event library recordings, coach finder and marketplace web pages, online community, etc.
  • Conduct member outreach calls to ensure customer satisfaction, understand how they are using PCA, what they would like more of and less of, ask for testimonials and referrals)
  • Conduct renewal conversations with annual subscription members when they are approaching their subscription renewal date
  • Deactivate non-renewing members

Product Support: You would be responsible for maintaining PCA online information products in the PCA Kajabi website

  • Edit past event videos to create more polished products, e.g., removing unneeded meeting content or blank spots, adding transitions, adding product intro/outro
  • Write event summaries to use in PCA member products
  • Create event library Kajabi product(s) which are organized by topic area, not chronology using past events library
  • Pull powerful video content snippets and quotes/posts from past recordings in PCA event library to use in product marketing
  • Update Kajabi website to be ADA compliant

Business Support Opportunities

Administrative: You would be responsible for organizing and optimizing time management of the organization.

  • Manage and maintain meeting schedule, appointment calendars, and project calendars for PCA and its Board with respect to PCA activities.
  • Monitor tasks, assignments, and completions in ASANA and send reminders

Technical: You would be responsible for supporting the use of PCA's supporting technology systems

  • Compile a list of the PCA Technology Set and assist with streamlining/augmenting as needed
  • Complete move-over from to Google Workspace
  • Maintain logins/passwords for all business-related membership/subscription sites.
  • Update Kajabi website to be ADA compliant

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