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Intuitive Guidance Skills for Professional Coaches
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  • Recognize the difference between left brain voice and intuitive voice
  • Cultivating a strong connection with your intuitive guidance 
  • Experiential activity to tap into your intuitive guidance.
  • Learn 5 helpful practices / tools to stay connected with intuitive guidance
  • Learn how to apply intuitive guidance to improve your coaching business


Monday, October 2, 2023
5:30 - 6:45 pm Pacific









Meet Debra Valentina (Preview)


About Debra Valentina, BBA, MPH

Debra, founder of Creativing, Debra Valentina has been a life transitions and book development coach for over 30 years.

She loves to partner with her clients to empower them to fully express their unique gifts and talents.

Debra is the lead faculty member and content creator for the School of Transformational Coaching at the College of Holistic Healing.

Debra loves to teach practical tools, including intuitive guidance skills, gained from her seasoned experience.

Debra has been teaching personal development, coaching, and intuitive guidance classes for over 25 years.

Her educational background includes a Master of Public Health from UC Berkeley and graduating from the Executive International Business Program from Stanford University.

For more information: go to www.creativing.info

What You Can Expect ...

“Debra has become an invaluable guide to me. Her gift of intuition is reliably accurate and always brings in just the right pieces of wisdom and guidance for a given situation. Her guidance is clear, gentle, powerful, and actionable. I often find it to be course-correcting back in the direction of my soul.”

Sydney C., Inner-work Facilitator, Healer

“Working with Debra, I have received greater clarity and confidence around the choices I’m making, both professionally and personally. What I appreciate about Debra is the strong intuition that she taps into throughout the sessions. She stays focused on the client’s challenges, as well as the other important issues that the client may not realize she has. Debra is an expert at pacing the session so that a lot is discussed and the client leaves with tangible actions to take.”

Virginia B., Retirement Coach and Conscious Aging Facilitator

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