Transform Your Selling - Workshop by Jack Rand


FROM the PCA Events Library -
Monday August 10, 2020 - Afternoon Workshop


Transform Your Selling - LIVE Workshop

Networking is the Number One way that coaches and service providers find new customers, yet most of them struggle with this critical skill.

During this hands-on interactive session, Jack reviewed the following:

  • The Top Three Reasons most people fail at networking and how to fix them
  • How to Connect in 3 Minutes or less with the Right People
  • Live Practice Networking during the session
  • The 7 Simple Sales Steps

Jack Rand, Strategic Business Coach, Author, Speaker

For over 30 years, Jack has developed transformational selling systems for self-employed service providers that have generated millions of dollars in new revenue. His clients have tripled their sales in 90 days or less by connecting with the right people and he’s helped develop several multi-million-dollar businesses along the way.

His programs are interactive, hands-on experiences that lead you step-by-step through each process to achieve the results you really want.

His book, Secrets of a Strategic Business Coach, 10 Strategies to Build Your Business Faster! For more information check out his website:

Meeting Notes .... by Tom Teague, PCA President

Jack Rand started us off in today’s workshop session by teaching us The 7 Simple Sales Steps system for Coaches and Self-Employed Service Providers:

The 7 Simple sales Steps are: LeadQualify, Present, CommitDeliverFollow UpReferrals

You can download a copy of Jack’s written summary of the 7 Simple Sales Steps here:

Summarizing the 7 Simple Sales Steps

In this framework you’re a teacher. You’re educating them along the way. Jack then shared some key principles used in the 7 Simple Sales Steps.

  • It’s a framework for your selling system
  • It provides structure to consistently identify new customers, JV opportunities, Referral Partners
  • Be authentic to You and Your Message
  • 10x Your Results without Being Salesy
  • Be a Leader

Then Jack moved on to a discussion and a practice session about how to be more effective in your networking activity. The result of effective networking is that both people connect and get to know each other better, and it’s also an initial “qualify” result – is it worth spending more time together with a virtual coffee meeting.

Bottom line: When people tell you their story, and you listen, then they like you and connect with you.

Some key takeaways shared by the participants

  • The sales process is a teaching process
  • It’s important to have a structure to your process
  • Offering a credit for a discovery session towards future work
  • Love the idea about teaching people how to buy from you
  • Like the systematic approach and the idea of using a questionnaire ahead of discovery session
  • Sales is guiding and educating people to a sale
  • I’ve changed my mind. I like selling. I enjoy conversations with people
  • Selling is connecting, spending some time together, and listening
  • Love the step-by-step process
  • Loved the ad lib, direct comments, e.g., “maybe a class is better for you”
  • Liked having 2-3 options to choose from on offers
  • Liked “connecting, not selling” and having a consistent brand to your prices
  • Referrals are the best source of leads. Take the time to ask for them
  • Easy to have a conversation, with a purpose guiding towards a sale

I believe I can speak for all the attendees to say that we appreciated Jack’s direct communication style, and his straightforward approach to teaching us that sales is about having conversations that educate people how to buy from us.

... Tom Teague, PCA President

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