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If you are service-based entrepreneur: a coach, consultant, service professional, author, speaker and/or trainer, then you are someone who loves helping other people solve problems to improve their lives and businesses, and you also may know that online technology can help you expand your impact and grow your business.

But, because online technology isn’t your strength you may have found it frustrating and time consuming to deal with. You may have tried outsourcing this to others only to be frustrated, spending lots of time and money, but not getting the results you had hoped for.

Service-based entrepreneurs hire me to help them to finally “tame their tech” by working with them to design and build their online systems to align with their business goals, incrementally building only the systems they need to help them achieve their business goals.

Social media, websites and the online business systems they integrate with are, in fact, custom software systems designed to create a user experience to interactively engage with social media and website visitors, nurture and build relationships with them using email messages and online content, produce a steady stream of leads and customers into a sales process, and then you deliver your private online expertise and content to your customers.

As someone with over 30 years of experience in designing and building integrated and interactive custom software systems for large organizations like Exxon-Mobil and NASA, I now combine this experience with 5 years of “internet marketing grad school.” I combine these skills to work with small business service-based entrepreneurs to design and build your online business systems. Depending on your needs, I flexibly consult, coach and train you using a systematic development approach that I call the Agile Business Success System.

I introduce the Agile Business Success System in a free masterclass available on my website called “How to Transform Your Website into an Online Business ATM.” This is the presentation that I gave to the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance in November.


Some clients and their websites I have worked with over the last year include:

Professional Services Offered

  • Virtual CTO - Professional Services - part time "chief technology officer" for your business - handle all your online technology management needs.
  • Choice Digital Professional Services Projects
  • Agile Business Mastery - 12 month group coaching and mastermind, includes Certified High Performance Coaching™ and Agile Business Success program
  • Agile Business Success - 6 week intensive live training on the Agile Business Success System and live weekly group coaching - also includes the "BYOB Weekend" Live Event.
  • Build Your Online Business in a Weekend - "BYOB Weekend" - Live training, hand-on implementation workshop to build your online business using the Agile Business Success System.
  • Certified High Performance Coaching™ either one on one or group coaching using Brendon Burchard's 12-session Certified High Performance coaching program (12 sessions can be done over 4 months or one year). Certified High Performance Coaching is included in the Agile Business Mastery program

What Clients Can Expect

"Our new SDPCA website, re-designed as an online business platform using Kajabi, is a quantum leap for our organization and its potential. Through his work, Tom has positioned our organization for global exposure! Tom is easy to work with, insightful, professional and certainly knows his stuff! 
Sheryl Roush, President, San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance

"From personal experience I absolutely recommend Tom. He not only knows Kajabi, but also integrates ideas from leaders like Brendon Burchard, Frank Kern, Jeff Walker and DigitalMarketer/Ryan Deiss in his consulting."

   Dr. Paul O. Olson - Management Consultant and Executive Coach

"I have known Tom for 3 years and have appreciated his expertise in planning and building online systems. In 2018, to simplify things, I wanted to consolidate my separate website, landing pages, and email marketing systems onto a single platform using Kajabi. With Tom's guidance in the upfront planning, during the consolidation, and occasionally stepping in when needed, I was able to consolidate my online systems onto Kajabi in a matter of a few weeks. Thanks Tom!"

Howard Fox, Business Coach and Creator of Linked Goldmine Formula

"Dr. Tom Teague has been a great coach for us at Profitivity for several months.  If you have a challenge or want masterful guidance, he will dive deeply into his vast knowledge and resources and provide great solutions.  He is also consistently adding to his products and services so he can better serve his clients.  Thank you Tom for all of your support!"

Kathryn Dager, MA, President, Profitivity Inc.

"Tom’s expertise in digital online systems became evident to me when he set up a complex structure for our online H.E.A.L. Summit 2016. Next, in 2018, Tom introduced me to Kajabi for my own business and guided me through the process of setting up landing pages, pipelines, offers, and email sequences. Working one-on-one in online teaching sessions, he created sales pages for my workshops and ensured I felt confident in generating future ones on my own. Tom’s knowledge, care, and professionalism inspires me to continue up-leveling my online presence."

Verna Bowen, Empowerment Life Coach, Speaker, Author 

"Tom is a digital business consulting GENIUS! I used to be overwhelmed to the point of tears by my sense of defeat with how confused and disorganized I was. I felt stressed out daily because I didn't know where to even begin and I didn't know what I was doing.  ... Not only did he take time to listen to my worries, he took time to break down everything I needed to learn and then taught me how to do it in an organized fashion ...  He integrates many different concepts into a structured approach that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to get started with their online presence, and helps them learn strategic ways to run an online business." 

    Meredith Marple, Belong To Love, Author of 50 Ways Of Self-Love


Professional Certifications  / Qualifications


  • Certified High Performance Coaching™ (Brendon Burchard)
  • Digital Marketer - Content Marketing Mastery, Paid Traffic Mastery

"Internet Marketing Grad School"

  • Brendon Burchard 
  • Frank Kern 
  • Jeff Walker
  • Ryan Deiss
  • Mike Koenigs
  • Ed Rush
  • Pam Hendrickson 
  • Andy Jenkins
  • Mike Filsaime
  • Russell Brunson
  • Bill Barren
  • Alex Moscow
  • and more ...


  • PhD, Chemical Engineering, Carnegie-Mellon University
  • MS, Chemical Engineering, Carnegie-Mellon University
  • BS, Chemical Engineering, University of Cincinnati

Honors / Awards

  • NASA Space Flight Awareness Award
  • NASA Exploration Division - Wiki Innovation Award
  • Exxon - numerous outstanding instructor awards

Affiliations / Organizations

  • San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance - VP Communications 2018, 2019
  • FTC - technical consultant
  • NASA - Johnson Space Center, Headquarters (2006 - 2013)
  • FIATECH - Automation of Equipment information eXchange (AEX)
  • AIChE - Process Data eXchange Institute (PDXI)
  • Straight Spouse Network - Board Member 2004-2005, 2015
  • Rice University (adjunct professor of Chemical Engineering)
  • Texas A&M University (adjunct professor of Chemical Engineering, process safety consultant)
  • Toastmasters International (at Exxon)
  • Exxon Production Research Company

Bio / Background


In 2014, I published a self-development book, Awaken To Choice: An Ungodly Approach to Creating Heaven on Earth, that integrates my learning from a six-year deep dive into human spirituality.

30+ Year Professional Career Summary 
Information Systems Architect / Consultant / Leader


►Business and data systems architect and experienced information systems program/project manager that conceives and delivers software systems aligned to organizational mission. 

►Innovative strategic planner with a proven record of delivering leading edge information solutions for NASA, ExxonMobil, FTC, NIST, industry consortia, and small businesses. 

►Collaborative communicator who uses agile management approaches to align executives, managers, system users, and IT technical staff to achieve a mission-aligned vision. 

►Experience in aerospace & defense, oil & gas, energy, chemicals, utilities, construction, computer-aided design, technical software, real estate data, and online marketing systems.

►Award-winning contributor/leader– from small businesses, to medium size engineering & consulting organizations, to large global corporations and government agencies. 


►Delivered NASA TechPort web application in 13 months, leading 4 independently-funded contractors, pioneering the use of AWS GovCloud technology for NASA. 

►Managed team of 65 professionals in support of the NASA Constellation Program Information Systems Office

►Key thought leader and co-author for 6 major enterprise architecture and data policy documents for the NASA Constellation Program Information Systems Office. 

►Winner of NASA Space Flight Awareness Award in recognition of data architecture contributions to the NASA Constellation Program.

►Defined industry-consensus XML data exchange standards to streamline complex, engineered equipment procurement processes across a multi-organization supply chain. 

For more details on my professional background, see my LinkedIn Profile

To watch some short videos of me sharing about my professional experiences you can see those on my Professional Experiences Profile.

Resources & Offers

Book - Awaken To Choice

Free Masterclass:  How To Transform Your Website into an Online Business ATM

Build Your Online Business in a Weekend! LIVE Training

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