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Sylvia Becker-Hill

Liberating Women to Tell Stories that Change History and Evolve Their Leadership 


Becker-Hill Books is a new and unique concept in publishing.

Its founder, Sylvia Becker-Hill, is on the mission to ensure women’s stories are told, and by telling those stories, change history. By combining twenty years of experience as an executive coach with a masters in philosophy, linguistics, and gender studies, Sylvia uses her deep knowledge of change management, coaching, and applied neuroscience to liberate new women authors from the subconscious blocks that are stopping them from voicing and sharing publicly their stories and messages. These blocks have been inherited from the collective oppression of women through thousands of years of patriarchal culture as the dominant fabric of societies.

When professional women get liberated from the lid on their creativity, they become natural writers with ease.

Experiencing their story being a published bestseller causes an unshakable boost of confidence.


Trained how to use their publication for their personal branding, career, and business, Becker-Hill Books published authors use their writing to enhance their professional impact and income. They use their newfound freedom to express themselves, share important life lessons, and lead as empowered messengers the change societies and our global community need.

Collectively, these stories and ignited leaders are evolving humanity towards true gender partnership, diversity, and inclusion to create a world that works for everyone.

Sylvia Becker-Hill won in 1997 with her original and creative start-up concept about using coaching over the phone for the sustainability of corporate coaching a 50 000 Deutsch Mark award from the NRW Ministry for Research and Development. In 2002 did she became the first Professional Certified Coach in Germany by the International Coach Federation. She was the President of the ICF Germany chapter and later - after she moved with her family to the USA - the first non-American board member of the ICF Chapter Michigan. In Michigan did she led her iCF aligned coaching training school for seven years and her graduates became ICF board members in Michigan and the ICF President in Germany. She is considered one of the European matriarchs of the coaching industry because she innovated many coaching models and processes, fought in Germany for the recognition of coaching as a profession and pushed the boundaries of what coaching is further. The ICF recognized her efforts with a Lifetime Leadership Award in 2014. Sylvia moved with her family in 2013 to North County San Diego and was an active member of the SDPCA - now PCA - ever since. Fast forward: After being a multiple times bestselling published author herself, in 2020, Sylvia founded her own publishing house "Becker-Hill Books". She loves to combine her passion for reading, writing and coaching and mentoring other coaches. She knows that every successful coach means thousands of lives positively impacted!

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