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A 20 year industry expert in the corporate leadership arena, international speaker and author, Sylvia Becker-Hill, has seen and lived first-hand the rise of women’s empowerment both personally and professionally.

From helping C-Suite women leaders find a balance in embracing what it means to  simply be a woman in leadership to the male Fortune 300 leaders who don't want the old patriarchal way of leadership as the way they run their organizations

And it is this passion for true women’s empowerment- equal empowerment- that has led to her latest venture, Becker-Hill Women’s Empowerment School. This real world and online school is poised to help women unlearn the patriarchal “superwoman” rules that have been strangling their true success and show them how to master all areas of their lives by simply being - women.

All the while supporting and training the men who want to be done with the patriarchal bondage, too.

Fusing her love of science, psychology and proven success principles, Becker-Hill supports her students, one-on-one private clients, and event attendees to unearth and break free of undeserving dogma of the past and step into their success, love-filled futures by simply being - women.


Top executives and business leaders – women and men – with personal salaries 150 K+, who seek to become the best leaders they can be while living a dream life full of love and time abundance and meaningful impact without sacrificing their family nor self-care for their career or business.

Sylvia’s past clients came from companies like: Adidas, Lufthansa Technik, Lufthansa Sky-Chefs, Bombardier Transportation, Bosch, Siemens, BMW…

Professional Services Offered

  • One year long executive leadership coaching packages including shadow days and one-on-one retreats
  • Leadership team development training including conflict resolution, diversity and inclusion training
  • Retreats for executive couples with half year coaching to strengthen their marriage and work life balance and inspire them to enhance their shared impact and design their legacy
  • Custom corporate programs to ensure their organization has a future pipeline of top level women leaders
  • Online school with courses focused on sustainable success and empowerment for women
  • Customized keynotes and stage-presentations using different archetypes for maximum edutainment effects.   See video below.

Projects / Case Studies / Results

Case Study 1:

Female CFO airspace industry, early fifties married mother of one child struggled with:
- being the only women in her leadership meetings around the world
- doesn’t speak up often enough
- allows men to take her ideas and run with them as their own
- knows she is brilliant and most of the time the brightest mind in any room, yet can’t utilize her own genius
- lacks confidence and sense of freedom to share her opinions, perceptions and ideas
- angry and frustrated with herself

Results after one VIP coaching day of 6 hours:
“Sylvia, you liberated me!!!” original words.
Her CEO was flabbergasted about the amount of high energy she exuded when back on site. She is speaking up and now constantly and is changing her whole team’s dynamic and culture into a high-performance one. She is now a happy inspired confident recognized impactful leader!

Case Study 2:

Male CEO industrial engineering industry, mid-forties married with two children struggled with:
- overworked, stressed, lack of work-life-balance
- in danger of burn out
- lost mojo for his own company, products and his role as founder and CEO
- resented lack of spirit in his team
- marriage felt “spark-less” and in danger if nothing were to change
- border of developing depression

Results after a year of coaching with Sylvia:
- sense of “being reborn” (original words)
- reconnection with his passion for his products, business mission, team and role as CEO
- added coaching to his leadership skills
- initiated cultural change program company wide to ignite a positive spirit revolution resulting in a high performance team culture
- brought his wife fully into the company as head of the HR department and created a full partnership with her in all areas of their shared life
- re-ignited the spark in his marriage
- work-life balance with time for playing with family, enjoying the outdoors, sport and more traveling to exotic places with his wife and kids
- re-discovered his desire to have a global impact and started philanthropic engagements
- happy, sense of fulfillment including attractive sparkles in his eyes noticeable for everyone around him!

Case Study 3:
Female marketing executive in consumer product industry,  mid-forties single no children struggled with:
- lack of work-life-balance: no time for beloved sport activities, nurturing friendships, and zero vacations for a long time
- conflict with boss
- emotionally stuck in past partnership after more than a year of separation
- unsatisfied with current position
- challenging relationship with own mother which over shadows her mood and sense of maturity
- unhappy, frustrated, in danger of burnout and depression if nothing changes

Results after 10 hours of coaching over Skype spread over a year:
- healthy work-life balance: activated old friendships, goes out regularly, does her sport activities now nearly every day right before or after work
- made peace with boss
- is free from emotional attachments to past partnership and started dating again
- up-leveled her internal self-marketing inside her company
- established strong transparent relationship with CEO
- new dream position and dream project inside old employer’s company
- found new interests
- takes regularly vacation time and travels a lot
- healed her relationship with her mother and women’s lineage
- is happy, loves herself more, is inspired about her own life and excited about the future

What Clients Can Expect

Strong intuition, brilliant mind, amazing creativity, reliable honesty, straight forward talk, courage and depth.

“Sylvia takes us places no one else would go.”
          - Head of Production Lufthansa Technik Puerto Rico

More client’s voices:

Professional Certifications / Qualifications

  • First German coach to get certified by the International Coach Federation in 2002 as a professional Certified.
  • Multiple certifications in more than 20 different coaching modalities and techniques, including Transaction Analysis, Kinesiology, Systemic Constellations, Peace Processing, Instant Miracle Mastery, Power Play, Non Violent Communication, Neuro Linguistic Programming…
  • Seven years of running her own coaching training school in Michigan with 125+ hours of in-person training. Graduates got certified by the ICF and are now filling coaching leadership positions world wide e.g. President ICF Germany and Past president ICF Michigan.

Honors / Awards

  • $50 000 Start-up PFAU Award by the Ministry for Research and Education Nord Rhein Westphalia 1997
  • Multiple times Finalist for “Women’s Advocate of the Year” Awards by different women’s organizations in California
  • Leadership Award by the ICF 2014

Affiliations / Organizations

  • International Coach Federation (ICF) Germany, Michigan, Orange Country, now San Diego
  • SIETAR Europe
  • Neuroleadership Institute London
  • Connected Women of Influence
  • Global Coaching Group
  • Inspeyer
  • UN Association Chapter San Diego
  • San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance

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Sylvia Becker-Hill creates magic for her private and event attendees alike by using science, psychology, and a bit of the mystical to help free them from the patriarchal stories and struggles that are blocking them from their ultimate success.

Sylvia holds a Diploma in Administrative Science from the Federal University of Applied Administrative Sciences and a Master of Arts in Philosophy and Linguistics with a focus on gender-studies from the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf.

Her Master's thesis was in matriarchal cultures and their importance for our times. She was the first German coach to become certified as a professional certified coach in 2002 by the International Coach Federation (ICF), as the President of ICF Germany, a board member of ICF Michigan, ran her own coaching school for seven years, and held multiple leadership positions in women's and coaching organizations.  

Sylvia worked for over 20 years in business as a corporate change-agent, leadership trainer and C-suite executive coach with Fortune 400 clients around the world. Within the international coaching industry, Sylvia is known as one of the "matriarchs of the coaching industry" with her long list of certifications and hands-on experience of multiple learning methods. In all her work, Sylvia brings this experience along with her proprietary models to help clients transform with ease, speed and grace. 

With her latest venture, Becker-Hill Women’s Empowerment School, this real world and online school is poised to help us women unlearn the patriarchal “Super Woman” rules that have been strangling our true success and show us how to master all areas of our lives by simply being - women.

Because when women own their true womanly ways - pure magic happens.

Resources & Offers

Weekly podcast listened to from over 30 countries world-wide and spreading:

FREE Community: "Women Rising - Global Hub of Luminaries Designing Futures."  Includes free weekly empowering live training sessions and bonding with women from around the world in true sisterhood.

International Amazon bestseller in paper-back and as Kindle version:

Free 45 minutes Top-Female Leader’s 2019 Goals Clarity Session

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