Matt Smyth

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My Mission is the help individuals and their companies grow and win.

I work with open-minded results-driven leaders and teams who acknowledge they can't win alone.

With my extensive qualifications, including a bachelor's in International Business, an MBA in Strategic Marketing, and an honorary Ph.D. in outside sales, I am well-equipped to offer insightful guidance as a business advisor with more than 20 years of experience. 

After observing the strategies of top-performing companies, I've noticed that many organizations are neglecting a proven success framework. Let me show you how to implement it.

The first two principles in business.
1. Always be willing to walk away. (Integrity Without Compromise)
2. Seek to create a Win-Win relationship. (How we came up with our name)

Win Win Inc, the company I founded, is grounded in a proven process for success we use to help our clients manage and measure their growth and success. 

Our Core Values are TEAM W.I.N.:
Trust in the Team
Extreme Ownership (Take Extreme Ownership)
Advisor (Be an advisor to our team and clients)
Momentum (Build, sustain & create momentum)
W.I.N. WHAT'S IMPORTANT NOW? (Do the thing that is the most important to the company’s success)

Our Three Uniques™
1. Real Salespeople - We are sales disruptors that work with disruptors that disrupt.
2. Organic results- Our company is founded on the relationships we have and continue to build with our referral-based partner network.
3. Simple Process with Advance Techniques- We look at all angles and think outside the box to solve our client's unique issues and problems.

Win Win Inc is committed to only taking on projects where we can achieve a win-win for our clients. We have extensive experience integrating with companies, creating proven processes, leading, training, and optimizing individual and team performance.

If we can’t solve your problem(s), we promise to refer you to a trusted colleague or preferred partner that can. 

When I'm not at work you will find me volunteering my time at First Tee & Pro Kids, serving on the Board of Advisors of the Professional Coaches Alliance (PCA), playing golf and tennis, surfing, at a yoga or Breathwork class at Breathe Degrees, taking a 39-degree cold plunge, or walking my furry companion Miss Pickles along the beach and around San Diego, California.

Please let me know how I can support your business networking efforts and reach your goals.

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Matt Smyth, MBA
Win Win Inc
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