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Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Are you working too hard, sacrificing too much, and still not making the progress you expected in your career?

Do you worry that you don’t have what it takes to get the results required?  That you’ve been “winging it” for so long, that sooner or later someone is going to find out?

Are you tired of acting out of fear or habit instead of from your own values?  Toward your vision of the life you want to create for yourself and your family?

Do you take the path of least resistance because you don’t have the self-

confidence or think you don’t have the courage to blaze your own trail?

Do you want more joy and ease in your life? 

Are you yearning to be the best version of yourself?

If one or more of these concerns sound like you, you are not alone.

When you are ready for a fundamental shift to significantly increase the amount of powerful action and possibility you have in your life, I can help.  If you are ready to hone your ability to inspire and lead others, I can be your guide.

Together we figure out the conversations you need to have to “show up” as the leader you want to be; the leader you know you can be; the leader your organization needs you be. 


I work with managers who manage other managers. 

  • those new to the role who recognize it requires a different skillset compared to managing individual contributors. 
  • director -level individuals eyeing the c-suite. 
  • (and my favorite) – those who have been at this level for a while and are asking themselves, “is this all there is?”  Their upward mobility has stalled and they aren’t having fun anymore. 

 I work with a variety of organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to small privately held businesses.  My coaching work and consulting experience spans several industries including renewable energy, hi-tech, biotech, financial services and manufacturing. 

Professional Services Offered

Coaching:  In addition to 1:1 coaching, I work with executive teams, run leadership and change management initiatives/workshops and facilitate conflict resolution within organizations. 

HR Consulting:  I consult with HR teams who want to have greater influence and impact in their organizations.

Training & Development:  I offer custom training and development programs for organizations up to 500 employees. 

Speaking:  Two of my most requested talks:  Busy is the New Lazy and What shape is Your integrity In?

What Clients Can Expect

No one will listen to you the way I do.  No one will see you, or hold you accountable or acknowledge you the way I will.  Our conversations will expand your capacity to lead with intention, live with integrity, and create the life of your dreams. 

This quote from Henry Kimsey-House says it best:

Coaching is not about solving problems, although problems will be solved.  It is not primarily about improving performance, attaining goals or achieving results, although all of that will certainly happen over time in an effective coaching relationship.  We believe that coaching is chiefly about discovery, awareness and choice.  It is a way of effectively empowering people to find their own answers, encouraging and supporting them on the path as they continue to make important life-giving and life-changing choices.

This is the work I do.  This is what Great Leader Coaching is all about.  Click here to find out more.

Professional Certifications / Qualifications

Margo has a BA in Psychology from UCSB and earned her MBA from the University of Michigan.  She is certified to teach many leadership, performance, communication and accountability programs and workshops.  She is a certified ontological coach.

Affiliations / Organizations

  • San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance (SDPCA); VP Programs.
  • San Luis Obispo Coaches
  • Human Resources Association of the Central Coast
  • The Association for Talent Development (ATD)


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Email:  [email protected] 

Phone:  925-785-6286