Linda Schertzer

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Owner of Age Intelligence ◉ Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach ◉ Own Your Health ◉ Reduce Risk and Progression of Chronic Disease ◉ Customized Programs For Individuals & Groups ◉ Corporate Coaching

Are you looking to improve your lifestyle practices for your long term health and wellness? Or, have you been told by your doctor you should make some changes, but just haven't been able to do it on your own? Maybe it is time to ask for some help? COACHING tailored to your individual needs can help you; get healthy, eat better, loose weight in a healthy way, sleep better, manage or potentially eliminate chronic health conditions, while feeling supported. As a certified health nutrition coach who has experienced health challenges, I can help you too. 


I have worked in the HealthTech & Medical Device Industries as a strategic & performance-focused marketing professional with cross-functional leadership for over 25 years. Most recently, my work has been focused on the T2D space helping populations manage their disease. My expertise is in the areas of disease prevention & management through nutrition, wellness programs, weight loss, sleep, stress management & physical activity.

I am passionate about helping you reduce the risk of chronic illness so you can age as intelligently as possible.

I work with individuals who:

◉ Have not had success losing weight & keeping it off
◉ Are experiencing pre-menopause, menopausal symptoms
◉ Are concerned with making lifestyle changes to better manage or prevent chronic disease 
◉ Are concerned about longevity with good health
◉ Are struggling with sleep & stress

About Age Intelligence:

Age Intelligence offers comprehensive packages that will help you to make continued progress. Virtual coaching programs are often too generic & time-consuming to be effective, so our packages bring a personal touch that remains fun & focused on your success.

Age Intelligence helps you transform your health, wellness, & appearance by combining personalized coaching for your life style. Together, we develop non-judgmental plans to achieve realistic, actionable goals. Simply put, we work to connect you with plans that fit your needs & lifestyle.

How it Works:

◉ Personalized coaching calls via Zoom (Individual or Group)
◉ Check-In calls
◉ Individual Wellness Assessment
◉ Technologies best suited to support your goals
◉ Customized plan with iterations as needed
◉ Educational materials & infographics
◉ Tracking tools as needed
◉ Instagram inspirations 

Ready to start with a coaching program personalized to meet your needs and goals?

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