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“Your Voice is the key to unlocking your hidden talents, purpose and legacy.  When you find your Voice, you will find your true-self     . . .  everything else is commentary!”

                                 The Voice of Success, Joni Wilson: America’s Premier Voice Trainer

4-Times Best Selling Author Joni Wilson CMO is one of the world’s foremost Voice Experts. Her books have sold all over the world and have been translated in both Arabic and Korean. She is the creator of the 3-Dimensional Voice® Training System, THE cutting-edge voice method that is changing the lives of speakers, performers, entrepreneurs and business professionals world-wide. She has trained the voices of executives from major corporations to 4 American Idol and The Voice finalists. In her unique training Joni combines acting, speaking and singing skills of which she is a master at all three. Her formal training consists of Professional Stage Acting at the prestigious Pasadena Playhouse in California and a Professional Digital and Social Media Certification from San Diego State University. She is currently serving her second term as VP Marketing for the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance.  (See Bio below)

Joni’s coaching/training programs are ideal for personal, group and corporate training and break-out sessions. She personalizes her training to help her clients:

  • Create the perfect voice to deliver their message and sell their product
  • Master The 6 Steps to keeping the voice healthy even when they are not
  • Improve their voice image which will improve their income stream
  • Design a new voice that will attract clients and put more money in the bank
  • Learn Joni’s 5 easy exercises that take their voice from boring to dynamic
  • Create an awesome telephone voice that will opens door to new opportunities
  • People will listen and hear what they have to say
  • Build self-confidence and a business self-image that will give them power and control of both their business and their life.
  • Have the courage to speak-up and ask for the appointment, the sale, and that much deserved raise
  • Learn to handle accents, and dialects to avoid “voice profiling” *** by clients and colleagues (*** being judged by the sound of your voice.

Joni speaks to the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance about voice and breath.


Joni’s clients range from major corporations like Intuit and Home Depot, to CEO’s who are seeking to reduce their accent. Her media training is ideal for entrepreneurs and authors who want to look like a pro on stage and video. She loves turning ordinary people into superstars in front of the camera.  Joni also loves to help clients of all ages, genders, and abilities who are suffering from career damaging voice problems due to poor technique. Her 3-Dimensional Voice® training system has been called a “miracle” by those who had given up hope of saving their voice.

Professional Services Offered

Complete Voice improvement Tools for Business, Career or Personal Advancement: Both Virtual-online, or in Studio Training with Joni: one-on-one or group training available. Joni offers:

  • Voice-over training for your business, or AS a business. How to become the Voice-actor of your own story.
  • Video Voice Training, introductions, camera ready. Become a natural at “conversational Speaking” using Joni’s 3-Dimensional Voice® Training System.
  • Audio Recording skills: Speaking / Singing. Designed for authors, singer-songwriters, and important auditions.
  • Speaking Skills for Stage, and Business: Be your best on stage at your own seminar or business presentation.
  • Accent reduction for the work place: Don’t be a victim of “Voice-Profiling”, America’s dirty little secret.
  • Creative Branding, Business Planning, Marketing: Together (with Joni’s guidance), You will discover, who you are and how to share your uniqueness with a waiting world.
  • Video Production and editing, Intros Titles and Music (including Voice training). Joni will help you look and sound like a pro in your own videos.

Joni offers on-line voice courses at: (Click the link for a complete list of Joni’s voice products and services .

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What Clients Can Expect

 "Our company has been using the video and film services of Joni Wilson for over five years. Each production Joni has handled has been skillfully produced to our satisfaction. Joni takes a special interest in each and every project to ensure we are completely satisfied, and our message hits the mark. If you’re looking for a professional who will give your project the extra time and effort it deserves, and stay within budget, I highly recommend Joni Wilson for your Voice, & Video,

Tom Hinton, 
President and CEO of CRI Global, International Speaker/Author

"Joni - you are my hero and one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. Did you see how much everyone LOVED your video! You are incredibly talented!"     

 Leora Bach

“Joni Wilson is more than a voice coach, she is a mentor. I am so indebted to Joni's generosity in sharing her wisdom with me and she still inspires me to be a confident and self-reliant woman!  Thank you for being my therapist, friend, and for always being honest. You are truly a beautiful and inspiring woman. I will never forget all that you have done for me.”

     - Amy Monzon, Singer/Songwriter/ Recording Artist

You know that feeling you get when you’ve just visited the doctor and it finally sinks in that everything is going to be alright? The world seems a bit brighter doesn’t it? That’s the exact feeling you’ll get after you work with Joni Wilson.

She is not only professional, but her understanding of how the human voice is made and manipulated is astounding. . Her lessons helped me get past my insecurities about performing and gave me the confidence to turn this curiosity into opportunities. Joni is more than just a “voice doctor”, she is an amazing coach.

     - Chris N, Writer, Voice-over actor

"Joni has managed to break down the essential tools and techniques for taking care of the voice into something easy enough for anyone to use and made it fun, entertaining and interesting all at the same time. Her exercises for breath control and developing vocal strength are outstanding to say the least."

     - James Alburger Voice-over Expert
     - Author of “The Art of Voice Acting" and winner of 11 Emmy awards.

“I wish I would have met Joni Wilson 30 years ago when I signed my first record deal with United Artists Records. Joni can make vocal miracles happen! -

     - Josquin des Pres, Artist Development Producer, Author, 
       Owner of Track Star Studios

"Joni’s voice lessons are worth their weight in gold. I am amazed at how well I can project into the lecture hall with only a few minor changes. The pointers Joni gave me were priceless."

     - Patty Anderson MSc Education Counselor Geological Research Div.
     - Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla, California

Professional Certifications / Qualifications

  • Professional Social and Digital Media Certification San Diego State University 2011
  • 10 Year Member and 3-year Board Member National Speakers Association.
  • 2 Year VP Marketing San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance
  • Pam Hendrickson Roadmap Marketing Certification
  • 25 Years Voice and Performance coaching
  • 6 years Marketing and Media trainer

Honors / Awards

San Diego Park and Recreation Volunteer Award 2 years

Affiliations / Organizations 

  • National Speakers Association 10 years. (3-year board member)
  • San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance (VP Marketing)

Resources & Offers

Free eBook available here - scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your name and email to download.


Voice of Success - Female Edition

Voice of Success - Male Edition



With today’s worldwide media outreach, a single person with an idea, a new book, a product to sell or a skill to share can go from obscurity to viral in 48 hours. At no time in history has a "good voice" been more valuable than it is right now. "Is Your Voice Ready for Prime-Time?”

Joni Wilson can captivate an audience of one, one hundred or one thousand with her amazing, never-ending knowledge of the Human Voice and her "Show- Biz" expertise. In her own exciting career, Joni has hosted a TV talk show, performed stand-up comedy with President Roland Reagan, operated her own dinner theater in Colorado, sang at numerous Hotels in Las Vegas, has written 10 books (4 best sellers) and started her own career as an opening act for Elvis (the real one

From breakout sessions at the National Speakers Association live events, to hosting her own workshops, Joni keeps learning, and loves introducing her clients to the latest, up-to-date speaking, marketing, and singing skills available. She brings to each lesson, client and workshop the expertise of a Master Voice Trainer who has, "Been there and done that!" Joni also offers video productions and professional audio recordings in her studio.  Her ability to create voice-actors out of ordinary people makes her Voice-Training-Sessions fun, informative, and life-changing. She also loves teaching her new clients how to actually LOVE the sound of their own voices.

Joni is available to speak to your company, group, or for one-on-one training in studio and virtually on line. 

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