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Janina Goldberg

Identify Leaks in Your Business & Life  

As a Connection Artist, mindset coach and process master, Janina is passionate about helping female business owners achieve their dreams, simplify their lives, and gain the support they need to live a life of abundance. She spent more than 20 years in the big pharmaceutical industry, documenting processes, creating and delivering end user training, overseeing and educating outsourced support teams, and discovering the fine line between efficiency and redundancy, before deciding to take her talents outside the corporate world.

She quickly realized many entrepreneurs and small business owners felt like she had - a feeling of having more to offer and wanting more out of life, but feeling like there's no time to pursue it! 

Janina understands it can be scary to open yourself up to coaching, have your current situation exposed, share ideas that you've been mulling over for months (even years) and have someone hold the space where you're comfortable saying your thoughts out loud and receiving the help needed to rise to the next level of success. She is sensitive to your individual needs and gifts, and will not shame you for your current state of affairs or any level of perceived disorganization. Janina harnesses your creative genius and works with you to organize and streamline your ideas, to help you see that you're not going crazy and your ideas play an important part to your next steps, create or fine-tune your processes and calendar so you can gain more time, clarity, and fun in your life and business.

Janina understands change and transitions: jobs, employment, stages of life, traveling, living in not only different houses but also moving from coast to coast! She's experienced courageously leaving a 23+ year successful corporate career and becoming an entrepreneur and adapting and embracing an empty-nest! While she doesn't have all the answers, she does know 1st hand that mindset, intention, planning and grace are at the foundation of all change and staying curious through it all. 


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    How can I slow down and still be productive?

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  • My head is swimming with everything that I have to do! I have been missing emails and appointments which I'm embarrassed to say means I'm likely missing opportunities for making money.
    What can I do to be more organized?


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