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As a mindset coach and process master, I am passionate about helping female business owners simplify their lives and gain the support they need to live a life of ease and abundance. I’ve spent more than 20 years in big pharmaceutical industry, documenting processes, creating and delivering end user training, overseeing and educating outsourced support teams, and discovering the fine line between efficiency and redundancy, before deciding to take my talents outside the corporate world.

‚ÄčI quickly realized many entrepreneurs and small business owners felt like I had - a feeling of having more to offer and wanting more out of life but feeling like there's no time to pursue it!

I understand it can be scary to open up to coaching, having your current situation exposed, sharing ideas that you've been mulling over for months (even years) and have someone hold the space where you're comfortable receiving the help needed to rise to the next level of success. I am sensitive to my client’s individual needs and gifts and will not shame them for their current state of affairs or any level of perceived disorganization. I can help them harness their creative genius and work with them to organize and streamline their ideas, to help them see that they’re not going crazy and their ideas play an important part to their next steps, so they can gain more time, clarity, and fun in their life and business.


My clients’ current schedule and way of being is no longer sustainable nor enjoyable.

My clients are successful business women with families who are:

  • overwhelmed
  • tired of keeping up
  • dropping balls
  • missing deadlines
  • feel the need to decline special events
  • running to keep up with all that has to be done in business as well as in the home
  • in some state of family transition (kids aging into a new school/college, caring for aging parents)
  • in some state of business transition (hiring VA/contractors/employees, business volume expansion)

My clients want:

  • to feel more successful
  • to be able to feel present in their lives
  • their calendar and business processes simplified by a fresh set of eyes
  • to feel more balanced, more present
  • to be able to slow down without the fear of everything falling apart
  • regularly scheduled quality time by themselves, with loved ones

My clients are:

  • willing to have someone come along side them and examine their way of operating
  • willing to experiment with new ways of doing things both personally and professionally
  • willing to learn how to create, communicate and execute stronger boundaries
  • willing to be more efficient and focused on what really matters

Professional Services Offered

Working with me starts with an Inventory (Intake) Session. From here, I create customized recommendations based on what would serve my client the best.

Recommended packages include a customized combination of the following:

  • High-frequency coaching sessions (twice a week)
  • Weekly coaching sessions
  • Bi-monthly coaching sessions
  • Titration between any of these frequencies depending on needs

Tools may include:

  • Project & Process Completion Grid
  • StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment and review
  • Identification and Intimate unfolding of Upper Limits using The Big Leap

Workshops: I am also available for workshops and facilitation in the areas of intentional and effective scheduling and brainstorming big ideas into streamlined processes.

What Clients Can Expect

Clients can expect:

  • Clarity
  • Empowerment
  • Accountability
  • Feeling more capable
  • More organized
  • Simplification
  • Respectful and Aligned Boundaries
  • New ways of maximizing team support (home and business)

Before and After...

“I thought my biggest problem was lack of systems and processes....

  • the greatest reward has been in her natural gift of finding those little, unconscious beliefs that were keeping me stuck and playing small. She seemed to be able to ask the right questions (without making me feel judged or wrong) that brought to the surface the real issues.”

“I felt disorganized and overwhelmed. I struggled with delegating and managing tasks and people for my growing content marketing company...

  • ...I have identified and off-loaded more projects to my VA. This has freed up more of my time.”

“I spent a lot of time in "overwhelm" just trying to get it all done...

  • ... I can focus on my sweet spots”

More of what some of my clients have said: http://www.janinagoldberg.com/what-clients-say.html

Professional Certifications / Qualifications

Coach U Training

Affiliations / Organizations

  • San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance – Member and VP Membership on Board
  • TEAM Referral Network – Rancho Bernardo Connections – Member and Membership Council
  • Hera Hub – San Diego
  • PolkaDot Powerhouse Network


July 2015 – present, Owner, Mindset & Productivity Coach @ Janina Goldberg Coaching

Starting with a snapshot inventory of what you do every day => reviewing priorities, impact and efficiency => list of recommendations for process automation, decisions for delegation, optimized schedule and process documentation.

April 2012 – June 2018 – Dream Acceleration™ Coach @ Tara Sage Coaching

A valuable collaborative resource as Executive Support to the Owner and Master Coach @ Tara Sage Coaching (TSC) thru brain-storming ideas, documented and updated business procedures and tasks associated with ongoing coaching programs allowing the business owner to focus on activities to grow her business (her life mission).

As a Dream Acceleration™ Program (DAP) graduate myself, I was a gifted and skilled facilitator and Dream Acceleration™ Coach who was committed to serving and supporting DAP members in getting the absolute most out of the program and personalizing its rich, dream-propelling content to best meet their individual needs thru acknowledging member's progress and Celebrate with them on their accomplishments, offering written (virtual) coaching in support of increasing awareness, offering acknowledgment of growth, and celebrating successes.

June 1988 – Nov 2011 Global Business Operation Support Manager / Clinical Application Administrator @ Pfizer, CT

Quickly learned company acquired account and data management processes, advised and supported outsourced vendors of current account & business process work, newly acquired work and troubleshoot and summarized all issues with clinical study database consolidation issues or application bugs.


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