Introducing PCA - by Tom Teague- President


Today I'd like to invite you to spend just a few minutes to learn more about our latest transition from the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance to simply the Professional Coaches Alliance. This transition started at the beginning of this year 2022.

This is an exciting evolution for our organization, and for all coaches and their service providers. It's an evolution that I think you should be aware of, to support your own success.

First, we're not just in San Diego anymore. While we remain a 501 c(6) nonprofit member organization registered in California, our membership is in fact International. And most of our community events are virtual live events, and that saves our members time and travel expense.

Second, our membership now explicitly includes professional service providers for coaches. These service providers include any of the following a business coach for coaches, a marketing and sales consultant, a technology specialist, the speaking coach, a book writing coach, a copywriter, a graphics and branding specialist, an attorney, a CPA, bookkeeper, and many more.

For some of you, you might be both a coach and a service provider. And if so, that's great. PCA is the perfect community for you to be a part of.

Third, our focus is on skills education and networking, and collaborating as a friendly, supportive community. By collaborating, the entire community becomes more successful in creating thriving businesses that make a positive impact.

We achieve this through a combination of expert guest speakers for skills education, live virtual networking at all of our events, roundtable peer support among members, and through affiliate marketing, where we support each other in our marketing and sales effort to gain more visibility, impact, and sales.

If you're a coach who invested in a coaching certification program, like I did, then you may have found that there wasn't that much information in your coaching certification program about how to build a successful coaching business. And that leads to frustration because we love coaching. But we haven't figured out how we can find more clients and more people to help.

If that situation describes your experience, then PCA is here to help you get the skills and support you need to build a successful, thriving coaching business.

If you're a service provider, you may have learned that having good coaching skills will help you in having your sales conversations and collaboratively working with your clients to achieve the results that they want. Coaching skills are great communication skills, and they'll help you in all your business relationships.

Perhaps as a service provider, you've discovered that you love working with coaches and want to meet more of them as clients. You may want to collaborate with your clients to build your own business through referrals and affiliate marketing.

If that situation describes your experience as a service provider, then PCA is a community that is worthwhile joining, to meet prospective clients, and to find referral and Joint Venture Marketing partners.

Whether you're a coach or a service provider, or both. If you found that solving your own business problems all by yourself without additional team perspectives has been challenging, then look no more. PCA can be your team. PCA is a community you can be a part of and it'll be helpful. Our members will be helpful for you and solving your business challenges, offering you more perspectives.

I just want to say PCA has a long history. We have been a trusted friendly professional community since 1996. And we invite you to join us.

For anyone who's listening or reading this. You can try out a full month of PCA membership for free. You can come to all of our events, you can experience the community, you can see that what I'm saying is true. You can experience it for yourself.

And by the way, if you are previously a member of SDPCA and you're interested to see how we've changed, we would love to have you back. And, by the way you can come for free also. Get your free member pass. Join us for a month and then reconsider whether you'd like to come back and join us full time, we would love to see you.

And at this point, I just want to say thanks for taking a few minutes to listen to this, you can find out more information on our website.

Here is a link for the join us page. There's a lot of membership benefits that are listed there. There are really 1000s of dollars per year of membership benefits if you add it all up.

And we're available for very affordable monthly membership fee of only $29 a month. And if you're decide to join as a premium member, it's only $49 a month, but there's tremendous value.

And I it's hard to actually put a price on the value of community.

You know, I moved a few years ago to San Diego, and I didn't know anybody and I was a certified coach, but I didn't know how to get into the coaching business. And I discovered the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance.

It's been a great community to be a part of, and I would invite you to give us a try. I don't think you'll regret it at all.

I look forward to seeing you at our next event.