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Christopher McAuliffe, MCC, is founder and CEO of a successful ICF-Accredited coach training program, Accomplishment Coaching, which has trained thousands of people around the world. In his role of CEO, he oversees the production of nine training programs. Accomplishment Coaching provides training and coaching services to individuals and organizations.

CEO and Managing Partner- Accomplishment Coaching, LP

Responsible for creating, managing and maintaining all aspects of the company. Includes: All Business Operations, Business Model, all Executive and Board Member relations, Stakeholder Relations, HR, Finance and Curriculum Development.

Senior Program Leader -  Accomplishment Coaching                                  

Responsible for generating, supervising, curriculum development and leading up to nine of our year-long ICF-Accredited Coaches’ Training Programs per year, including locations in San Diego, Seattle, New York, Washington DC, Chicago and Victoria B.C.


We are pleased to share that in 2014, Accomplishment Coaching was selected as a coaching and training partner for the UNFPA, where we coached and trained 24 Human Resources professionals from various UN agencies. Accomplishment Coaching provides training and coaching services to organizations, Major League Soccer, UBiome and more.

Professional Services Offered

Christopher does provide few coaching services but his primary focus is developing and leading 9 ICF Accredited Coach Training Programs in San Diego, Seattle, New York, Washington DC, Chicago and Victoria, B.C. Christopher also has a weekly podcast speaking with leaders in coaching including Thomas Leonard, Debbie Ford, Deepok Chopra and more.  The podcast explores new developments and techniques for coaching and also provides thought provoking questions for the audience.  Christopher works with his affiliate network and administrative staff to find opportunities for coaching services in growing and expanding his business.

What Clients Can Expect

"Christopher lives his life in its full brilliance and I think he’d be a great coach for anyone who wants to break through personal barriers and become a powerful driving force in their own life."  -Nahid Casazza, former client

He allowed me to change my life.” Ben Wauford, Aid, Leed AP

Professional Certifications/Qualifications

Christopher holds the Master Certified Coach credential through the International Coach Federation.

The Coaches Training Program has received accreditation through ICF so that once completing the program the Coaches receive reputable ICF certification.

Affiliations / Organizations

2018                  Developer of

2010-2016        Independent Review Board, Ethical Committee, International Coach Federation 

2004                  Master Certified Coach Certification, (MCC) International Coach Federation

2004                  Regional Director, International Coach Federation, South West Region

2001, 2002 & 2003  President, San Diego Professional Coaches’ Alliance

1989 – Present   Communication, Coaching and Leadership Training Programs - Various

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  2. Phone: (619) 238-3600
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