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Dr. Retts has spent his professional career (25 years) re-engineering dysfunctional departments that are full of disengaged and actively disengaged employees and staff creating in their path a loss of productivity, a pile of union grievances, angry employees and high levels of employee and management turnover.

As a result he has also dedicated 35 years, non-stop, to teaching and training leadership as an adjunct faculty member for five universities in two states. His current passion is to give back what he has learned by consulting and teaching middle-management leadership and how to take back control of their departments and create high performing, productive and satisfying work cultures. Dr. Retts works with middle-managers to address the 2 most devastating mistakes they can make that will eventually create demotivated and disengaged employees and eventually sabotage all of their efforts to successfully meet and even exceed organizational objectives.

International experience includes designing leadership training for the Government of Egypt and providing communications consulting and training for National Panasonic in Japan. His doctorate is in adult education and human resources.


My most recent clients have included: Banner Health Care (Nurse Leader Leadership Training), Corporate Goodwill of Arizona (Executive Coaching), Salt River Project Water & Power Utility (management coaching), University of Redlands (MBA Program) and Grand Canyon University (PHD in Organizational Development, Nursing and Leadership programs).

Professional Services Offered

Leadership Training, Consulting, and Coaching 

Projects / Case Studies / Results

Developed leadership training for Government of Egypt, trained National Panasonic Executives in business communication in Japan, developed and provided training materials for Salt River Project in Arizona and Developed and delivered leadership materials for Goodwill of Arizona Executives.

What Clients Can Expect

Clients can expect to have a more confident, intentional core of middle-management and more engaged committed employees.

Professional Certifications / Qualifications

Ed.D. in Adult Learning and B.S. in Communications

Carnegie-Mellon University Executive Management Certification

Honors / Awards

  • Salt River Project Phone Center received J.D. Power Customer Service Award for Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Residential Electric Service in the Western United States for numerous years after improvement.
  • Salt River Project: Exceeded goal in 12 month selling cycle to reach 3.8M in products. Responsible for targeting 5,000 new commercial customers to develop 3 new best-in-class customer service teams.
  • Twice recipient of Financial Aid Program Award and acknowledge as Grand Canyon University online instructors going above and beyond to assist students in their academic pursuits.
  • Grand Canyon University Doctoral Faculty Recognition Program Award Winner.

Affiliations / Organizations

San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance
Adjunct Professor, Brandman University
Adjunct Professor, International University

Resources & Offers

Charlie Retts, It's All About You: Ten Leadership Parables for Maximizing Middle Management

  • Retts, E.S. & Retts, C.R. (2014, December) I’m Too Nice? Caring Leaders are Often Misjudged. Nurse Leader, 12(6), 95-97.
  • Retts, E.S. & Retts, C.R. (2011, August) While the Cat’s Away, Will the Mice Play? Nurse Leader, 9 (4), 50-52.

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Email[email protected]

Telephone: 602-803-4814