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Billie Frances, founder of Guiding Mindful Change is a Master Coach, Trainer, and Speaker who partners with organizations, groups, teams, and individuals to facilitate lasting change. Through coaching, training, seminars, and webinars nation-wide, Billie’s Guiding Mindful Change approach frees people to live bigger lives, set values-based objectives, work from strengths, make choices, manage change, deepen awareness and implement customized plans to achieve objectives.

Billie has studied mindfulness practices for decades.  She named her company “Guiding Mindful Change” in 1993.  It brings her joy and satisfaction that mindfulness is now woven into lifestyles, business and coaching.   Mindfulness means being aware of one’s inner and outer environment.  Awareness gives us freedom to discern our needs and choose our endeavors.

GMC is a pioneer in coach training.  Since 2000, the Guiding Mindful Change Coach Certification has helped people who are doing great things to touch more lives.  Our students are busy professionals who want to master proven coaching methods, enjoy hands-on learning and achieve national coach certification.  With integrity and care, we have empowered thousands of clients to achieve results in areas ranging from wellness to corporate effectiveness.  Our guiding tenets are that:

  • People are naturally whole and resourceful
  • Balance is essential for fulfillment
  • Clients are their own authority for change
  • Change is promoted with mindful guidance, support and partnership



Guiding Mindful Change welcomes heart-centered professionals ready to learn, master and apply coaching with individual, group and corporate clients.  Students who enroll in our 90-day certification course understand that they need to do their own work in order to help their clients achieve meaningful change.  Our students include coaches who want to deepen their skills, healthcare professionals, educators, business owners, corporate executives and managers.  Graduates establish their own coaching businesses, use their coaching skills to enrich their worksites, and/or join with GMC to provide coaching to corporate employees.

Professional Services Offered

  • Mindful & Meaningful Coach Certification - a 90-day course to become a nationally recognized coach
  • Continuing Education - Guiding Mindful Change (GMC) supports all coaches with an array of continuing education courses and including an extensive preparatory course for coaches on their path to become National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC).
  • Employee Wellness Coaching – Over the years, teams of our certified coaches having successfully enhanced wellness and outcomes for organizations ranging from school districts to Fortune 10 corporations. 
  • Webinars  - ranging from Everyday Mindfulness to our Masterful Coaching Skills Practice LABS
  • Speaking – conferences and keynotes
  • Mentoring – support for our trainers, coaches, corporate teams
  • Coaching – support for clients and groups seeking professional and personal fulfillment

Projects / Case Studies / Results

Impact of the Guiding Mindful Change methods on the lifestyle coaching skills of participants of the Mindful Coach Certification training

      ... Prepared by Sara Corwin, PhD, University of South Carolina

Mindful Coaching skills include instructions on how to employ methodologies and tools of personal lifestyle coaching in order to promote mental, physical, and spiritual well-being using:

  • Mindfulness Theory — focus on others’ strengths, facilitate ownership and refrain from imposing one’s own agenda when coaching
  • Coaching Skills — learn and practice accountability, acknowledgment, mindful listening, powerful questions, inquiry, requests, clarification, and commitment coaching
  • Training in Ethical Considerations including informed consent, dual relationships, how to determine when coaching is counter-indicated, the use of referrals, duty to warn and report unanticipated events, and coach-client confidentiality

Based on a study conducted by the University of South Carolina, our coach training program is proven effective in improving student skills is 5 key areas:

The results indicated that the program participation significantly improved all five types of lifestyle skills: interpersonal skills (p < 0.0001), communication skills (p <0.0001), problem solving skills (p < 0.0001), persuasive skills (p <0.0001), and administrative skills (p = 0.01) at the end of the program.
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Employee Wellness Coaching impact reports compiled over an 8 year engagement – The program received an average 93% satisfaction rating

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What Clients Can Expect

"I am already feeling some shifts within. You're (We're) terrific."
           - Carol Ebert RN, BSN, MA, CHES

"I highly recommend Billie...the skills you gain as a coach will set you apart from the rest. Most importantly, you will grow professionally and personally."
           - Colleen Linnertz, LMFT, BCC

"Such positive 'stuff' I received from our connection. What a wonderful gift you are, Billie! Thanks so much...I can see that my training has enhanced my practice, but I'd like to go further with coaching."
            - Ava Dorrance

Professional Certifications / Qualifications

  • LMFT
  • NBC-HWC Certified
  • BCC certified
  • CWP certified
  • Approved Continuing Education Provider for ICHWC

Mindful & Meaningful Coach Certification is approved prerequisite course to become a National Board Certified-Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), Board Certified Coach (BCC), and qualifies as a portfolio program for certification through the International Coach Federation (ICF).

GMC is also an approved Continuing Education Provider for the National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach organization

GMC founder Billie Frances is a licensed therapist, a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, a Board Certified Coach, an ACE Certified Health Coach and an ACE Behavior Change Specialist Master Coach.

Honors / Awards

  • Selected to present at the annual National Wellness Conference (10 years)
  • Certified Wellness Practitioner with the National Wellness Institute (NWI)
  • Inducted in the National Wellness Institute’s Circle of Leadership
  • Practitioner Emeritus – Centers for Spiritual Living

Affiliations / Organizations

  • Past President of the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance (SDPCA)
  • Member of the Just Like My Child Foundation League
  • Toastmasters International (past officer and President)
  • Rancho Santa Fe Business Professional Women
  • Women Promoting Women in Business
  • NWI


My background as a therapist helps me clearly draw the line between therapy and coaching.  I adhere to this distinction in my own coaching practice and teach these boundaries in our training program.  That means that coaches readily refer clients to other professionals when concerns are outside of the coaching scope of practice.  My background as a spiritual counselor provides the ground of being to respect each student and client as whole and resourceful.

Mindfulness is at the heart of Billie Frances’ life and work. She is passionate about teaching others to master mindfulness techniques and make the changes needed to step into the next phase of their lives.

Billie started her journey as a therapist, helping others to heal their pasts. In 1993, she founded Guiding Mindful Change to empower authentic living and provide pathways to passionate, peaceful, purposeful living through mindfulness.

She is the founder of Mindful & Meaningful Coach Certification - a national program for heart-centered professionals who use proven coaching techniques to impact positive health behavior change. The program is a training provider for the International Consortium of Heath & Wellness Coaches (ICHWC) and Board Certified Coach (BCC).

Billie is a licensed therapist, a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, a Board Certified Coach, an ACE Certified Health Coach and is the Master Coach for ACE’s Behavior Change Specialist program.  She is also a past president of the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance, a Certified Wellness Professional, a multi-year presenter at the National Wellness Conference, and was named to the NWI Circle of Leadership.

Billie Frances has invested decades in developing her own skills and talents to better guide her clients and students. She has been at the forefront of helping others guide mindful change in their own coaching, and she is one of the few coaches who offers an extensive preparatory course for health & wellness coaches to become National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC).

Billie lives in San Diego and is a dedicated family member, an avid baseball fan, and an active Toastmaster.

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