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The Source of Money

The Professional Coaches Alliance Community Event on May 9th featured coach Julie Foucht, speaking on a theme she’s passionate about, “The Energy of Money.” Through her business, The Art of Feminine Business, Julie lives her purpose - “to get more money into the hands of women.”

In our initial breakout session we prepared for the topic by sharing our answers to the question, “What would you desire if money were no object?” We started with our desires as a way of opening up for the discussion, though, as Julie pointed out, many women, especially, are taught not to desire, but to be grateful for what they have.

Julie asked us to share our definitions of money (freedom, an energy exchange, a reward for good work, a bartering device) and then gave hers: “Money is the energy of appreciation… It’s part of the energy of Source…money is love.” Society, however, has taught us that …“the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil” (1 Timothy 6:10). We may wonder if we can love money and still be a good person. The idea of money as love becomes twisted if money is used to control us or others. Money as love is about appreciation.

With this definition in mind, Julie explained what happens when we undercharge for our coaching services. When we’re giving our gifts to our clients and not receiving enough, it creates an energy block. They don’t get the full value and are in “karmic debt” to us. Clients need to give back the same level of energy or appreciation they receive. If and when coaches give scholarships, Julie recommended making sure they are part of your budget (not unlimited) and asking the recipients to “pay it forward” in some way, either in money or service to the community. There needs to be an even energy exchange.

Julie affirmed that “the only thing that limits the amount of your money is your ability to receive it.” She suggested some practices that can open you up to receive. One is to increase your desire by pausing for five minutes once a day and writing out your desires - "I desire that…” Feel them as you list them. A soul desire opens you up, while an ego desire shuts you down.

The second practice is to recognize beliefs about money that are blocking your energy, such as, “My value is based on how much money I make,” or “If I spend my money, I’ll never have more.” Feel these beliefs shutting down your energy, and rewrite them. Replace them with the truth that “God the Universe Source is the source,” and “Source wants us to have a wild, juicy life.” How to connect to Source - meditate or go stand on Mother Earth.

Some aligned actions Julie suggested were the following:

• Track your money daily.

• Create a business budget with 3 lanes, one for expenses now, one for expenses if you stretch a bit, and a third lane reflecting expenses if money were no object.

• Go back and visit your budget periodically.

• Track your money miracle daily. A money miracle is when you get paid, you save money using a coupon, someone buys you lunch, etc..

• Give some money away - Money wants to be used well and will come back to you.

Julie put together a generous package of materials from her website - These included a prosperity prayer, money meditation, and forms for money tracking, planning your budget, and monthly intentions and practices.

We shared lots of takeaways and action steps inspired by Julie’s talk, and I’m sure we will feel lots more money energy in our businesses and our lives.

Summarized by Virginia B. Berger

The Baby Boomer Retirement Coach