From Uncertainty to Confidence - Laura Diaz, BCC


From Uncertainty to Confidence -- Laura Diaz, BCC

Have you ever faced an obstacle you’re not sure how to overcome?

I have many times during my career and personal development.

Hi, I am Laura Diaz, a Board-Certified Coach (BCC), and the owner of In Harmony Coaching since 2012. I help women discover their potential and live from a place of confidence, passion, and freedom.

I feel passionate about supporting other women, because I was once the shy quiet girl who struggled with self-confidence and uncertainty about my life.

When I was in high school and college, I was shy.

When it came to speaking up, I felt self-conscious and scared about showing people who I really was. It affected many areas of my life, because without the courage to socialize or volunteer, I felt stuck and didn’t know what to do. 

My fear followed me. After college, I was hired for a really good job. After a few years later when it was time to advance, I was afraid to apply for a promotion. I felt inadequate when compared to my co-workers who were more vocal and expressive and I did not apply for a promotion.

After enduring the agony of being passed for promotion several times, I decided it was time to take a hard look at myself make some serious changes.

I made a decision to do something about my confidence.

Moving through fear and uncertainty, I decided to go for my dream and undergo speaker training to learn to speak with ease and go out for another promotion.

I wanted to experience success in my career and I believed in some uncertain way that I could do it!

The speaking training, not only did it help me get over my fear of speaking in front of groups, it also taught me how to engage in small talk, socialize with others, lead meetings, collaborate and feel like a leader.

Two years before I planned to retire in 2012, I hired a life coach to help me navigate a yearning for change.

Through my experience of being coached, I felt a soul calling to improve the lives of others like me, overcoming their own challenges and transformation. At that moment, I realized that my true purpose was being activated, and a strong intuitive feeling came over me that said “you are home!” This is it!”

My choice to be a certified in life coach and leave my corporate job has given my life meaning and joy! My philosophy of life is you have to be true to yourself and who you are.

I realized during my own coaching in 2010, that I was not engaging in my full potential working as a manager. The longing for something else was nudging at me to explore a change of career.

Hiring a life coach made a difference in my life! We worked together to identify my purpose, intention and created a vision for my future.

Not only did the coaching experience clarify my personal thought process, it also suggested the answer for the next phase of my life!

Becoming a life coach was a natural transition on my own personal journey into this new period that was called “retirement!”

The transition of becoming a life coach was intentional and it has brought many surprises to my well-being and happiness. This work feels like a calling to me and has inspired my creativity in building my coaching business.

My intention as a Life Coach is to give my clients an experience of what is possible in their lives.