About the Professional Coaches Alliance

Collaboratively Building Successful Professional Coaching Businesses since 1996


The Professional Coaches Alliance (PCA) is an international non-profit member organization established in 1996 as the first professional coaching Association in San Diego California. 

Who We Are

PCA is a friendly community of professional coaches and service providers who are collaborating to develop and sustain thriving, successful professional coaching businesses that inspire positive change.

Our members include business coaches, career coaches, executive coaches, financial advisors, leadership coaches, life coaches, marketing coaching, management coaches, online business, performance and public speaking coaches, work-life balance, and many more. Coaching and consulting specialties include: ADHD, aging, DISC, Enneagram, health and wellness, money and finance, parenting, relationship advice, retirement, sales, social media, strategy, StrengthFinders, stress management, spiritual, team performance, technology, video, and women in transition, to name a few.

Members also include authors, consultants, facilitators, mentors, motivational speakers, trainers, and presenters.

Unique services of these professionals also include media production, performance coaching, singing, voice coaching and voice-over coaching.

What We Do

PCA provides educational and networking opportunities to improve coaching and business practices.

What We Value

PCA values collaboration, inclusiveness, integrity, progressiveness, passion, and service.

Our Members

Coach Members are professional coaches and/or those interested in coaching

Service Provider Members provide professional services for coaches

Business Builder Members are Coaches and Service Providers Seeking to Build Their Businesses Faster.

Together, we collaborate with passion and service to inspire positive change for our clients.

PCA Membership Includes

  • Monthly ACE (Alliance Community Events) 
    Live, interactive networking and workshop learning experiences facilitated by guest experts to sharpen your coaching and business skills
  • Monthly VBR (Virtual Business Roundtables) 
    Collaborate in a mastermind-like setting to actively seek input on your business challenges and to provide support others in working on theirs
  • Multiple monthly "Ask the Expert" Sessions (for Business Consultation) 
    Premium Members will offer free consultation “office hours” once per month to all PCA members to field specific questions related to PCA member businesses. 
  • Anytime Access to PCA Events Library 
    Monthly ACE events are recorded and accessible for viewing for those who cannot make the live event. We have over 2 years of recorded events.
  • Dedicated web pages on the PCA website for your Professional Coaching or Professional Services Business
    Coaches have a dedicated "coach finder" profile page and service providers have a dedicated "marketplace" page
  • PCA Events Calendar
    Members may share their community-related events on the PCA Public Calendar
  • Membership Directory (for Networking/Support)
    Membership directory indexed by areas of expertise, with full contact information available for networking and developing business relationships.
  • Monthly WE (Member Welcome Events) for networking and support 
  • Skill-building Workshops provided by Premium Members
  • Networking with the professional coaching and service provider community
  • Continuing Education Credits for ICF and BCC certification requirements

The PCA Board of Directors

President, Tom Teague, PhD

Joni Wilson, VP Marketing, invited Tom Teague to come to an PCA meeting in April 2018 and nudged Tom to apply for a position on the Board. Tom was delighted to work with the PCA Board as VP Communications in 2018-2019, and then began serving as President and VP Technology in 2020-2021. 

During his tenure on the board, Tom has introduced several innovations from rebuilding the aging PCA website into the full-featured online business platform that it is today, recording and live broadcasting of PCA meetings using Zoom, creating the PCA presentation library of recordings in the private member area, re-activating the PCA Membership Directory, and developing the initial version of the PCA Marketplace. 

As an online business coach and a Certified High Performance Coach™ Tom consults, coaches and trains fellow coaches, authors, speakers, and trainers in designing, building, and using their online business platform to grow their business impact and income.

Email[email protected]

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Secretary - OPEN

Secretary - Prepares or retains documents prepared by others that support and provide evidence of actions or decisions taken by the Board of Directors. Officer of the Corporation. 


Treasurer - Nikkie Achartz 

CEO of SNAP Savvy Strategies LLC, is a well-known Branding Consultant, Business Growth Strategist, transformational speaker and workshop facilitator who has extensive experience in marketing strategy, sales psychology and image based branding.
Her portfolio features professional industry leaders, authors, speakers, coaches, and some of the top names in social media. Highly connected and engaged in multiple women’s organizations and networking groups as an image based branding consultant and photographer, Nikkie noticed an alarming trend in female founded businesses. Very few female entrepreneurs had replicable systems or processes in place which made consistent income difficult and growing and scaling nearly impossible.
Exploring, researching and observing the trials and opportunities facing female entrepreneurs today in growing and scaling businesses led Nikkie to expand SNAP Savvy Strategies service offerings to meet this emerging need.

Infusing her educational background in psychology and behavioral profiling, Nikkie coaches and supports female entrepreneurs in operating their businesses through the lens of a CEO to grow, scale and profit in business. As a highly respected and sought after strategic business coach and consultant, Nikkie firmly guides female entrepreneurs in stepping into their power as BOSS and turning their passion into a profitable, manageable, scalable, successful business.
Whether speaking from the stage, facilitating interactive workshops, or consulting one-on-one, Nikkie’s influential leadership style combined with her exuberant mince-no-words approach motivates her clients to step confidently into their role as a Savvy BOSS in business.
Using the foundational elements of the C-Suite model, Nikkie developed the See Suite Experience geared specifically for female entrepreneurs to address their unique needs and goals.

Nikkie sits on the Board of Directors for National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), San Diego Chapter. She has served as BRAVA Awards Chair and is currently serving as Retention Chair. As Nikkie works extensively on profitability and pricing for business owners, she's frequently involved in the review of P&Ls, Cash Flow Analysis, and Month over Month analytics. A major component of profitability is resource allocation, which is an important aspect of the Treasurer role on a Board.

Understanding your numbers and the role they play in determining resource allocation is Nikkie's zone of genius and she’s excited to support the PCA Board and our members in building and sustaining profitably businesses.

Email: [email protected]

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VP Communications - Ruska Djerki, PhD

Ruska is a career coach and a life coach. She likes to work with individuals and groups and enjoys mentoring. Born in now Croatia, Ruska lived in Switzerland and in US (Ohio, Utah, New Jersey, Colorado, and California).

She has PhD in Analytical Chemistry from UCSD. Ruska had more than 25 years long career in Pharma & Biotech industry. Worked in number of big international companies, like Novartis and Roche in Switzerland and Genentech in USA, in different departments from Research and Development to Quality Control.

During her long career, her passion for learning was interlinked with her passion for developing people. Ruska’s biggest satisfaction was helping people recognize their potential and partnering with them during their personal and career growth. In 2000, she started her coaching training as a hobby. Her training with different schools included diverse approaches to coaching, from philosophical, psychological to somatic. This knowledge, together with her life and working experience in different cultures, allows her to assess issues from different perspectives. With this she helps her clients to identify new choices and opportunities. Her clients come from different areas and industries, but with her science background majority of clients come from Pharma /Biotech industry. After retiring, Ruska worked for Lee Hecht Harrison for 2 years as a career coach. Now she does Pro Bono work.

Email: [email protected] 

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VP Marketing - OPEN

VP Marketing – Prepares and disseminates information about PCA to the appropriate media that attracts attention, expands its reach, and encourages membership growth.


VP Membership - Janina Goldberg

New to San Diego in March 2015 as a Life & Business Coach, Janina met Cindi Britton and was warmly invited to check out PCA. Janina took the long way around the variety of San Diego’s networking groups (simply put - took 4 years!) and finally decided to visit PCA in September 2018. Janina joined at her next visit in November 2018! Timing is everything! She raised her hand to be one of the speakers at the March Marathon – Pot of Gold Skill-Building Day bringing awareness to maximizing what’s on your calendar and sharing her Project Completion Grid.  And because of her presence, engagement and connection spirit, Janina was invited to fill the VP Membership position on the Board in May 2019.

With a successful adult son, you can imagine Janina understands change and transitions: jobs, employment, stages of life, traveling, living in not only different houses but also moving from coast to coast! She's experienced leaving a 23+ year successful corporate career, becoming an entrepreneur and adapting and embracing an empty-nest! While she doesn't have all the answers, she does know first-hand that mindset, intention, planning and grace are at the foundation of all change and staying open and curious through it all.

With strengths of Connectedness and Developer, Janina has been operating in her Zone of Genius her whole life in a variety of settings including 20+ years as Business Operations Support Manager at a Global Pharmaceutical Company and 10+ years as Mindset & Process Strategist and Accountability Coach. Janina easily identifies redundancies, gaps, efficiencies, streamlining for maximum ease in execution bringing a fresh perspective, which allows for planning and high productivity on a path of least resistance. 

Email: [email protected] 

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VP Programs - Margo Garcia

Margo Garcia founded Great Leader Coaching to help good managers become great leaders.  She works with accomplished, committed people who are ready to become the leader they want to be; the leader their organization needs them to be.  She helps them build trust, grow their influence and increase their impact, both inside organizations and in the relationships that mean the most to them.  With experience coaching executive teams, senior/mid-level managers, and individuals, she is a sought-after to help professionals embrace their boldness, take action and achieve results they thought were beyond their grasp.

Margo has a BA in Psychology and an MBA from the University of Michigan.  Her 30+ year career in Organizational Development and corporate Human Resources allowed her to work with leaders in diverse organizations: large and small, decentralized, global, corporate and privately held..  She has custom-developed leadership programs for many of these organizations and is certified to teach many of the top leadership, performance, communication, accountability and change management programs and workshops.  She is an Accomplishment Coaching Certified Coach

If you want to create something big in your life; to take the next step toward creating a life of purpose, fulfillment and joy, Margo is the perfect partner to support you on your journey to look at the world through the lens of possibility and to live your life with intention.

Email: [email protected]

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VP Technology - Adal Bermann

Website Designer, Marketing Consultant, Content Creator and Founder of coach.today. Adal Bermann combines a decade of experience in web development with a passion for genuine expression - to support coaches and healers with mindful marketing that attracts clients who are ready to receive their unique gift of healing and expansion.

Since 2009, Adal has led the creation and launch of websites and marketing strategies for hundreds of businesses, thus playing a critical role in generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue over the last decade.

Having himself experienced the journey from childhood trauma to consciousness & abundance, Adal is driven by his vision of helping everyone feel safe, loved and connected. This is why, in 2020, he launched coach.today to focus exclusively on serving coaches and healers who share his vision for a better world.

Using a holistic approach to marketing, Adal provides everything from emotion-based purpose coaching to full-service sales automation technology.

Outside of work, Adal is an avid rock climber, mountaineer, surfer, burner, artist, travelor, and breathwork facilitator.

Email: [email protected]  

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VP Workshops - Jack Rand

Jack has developed transformational selling systems for self-employed service providers for over 30 years, generating millions of dollars in new revenue.

Engaging his audience and Roundtable participants alike, he invites them to discover greater effectiveness and results-oriented strategies. Transparent, vulnerable, and authentic, Jack encourages the same from all who are present. His straightforward, quick-witted approach allows participants to hear, retain, and use the information he presents. 

Jack's programs provide an interactive, hands-on experience that leads you step-by-step through processes to achieve the results you really want. 

He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Speech Communications and graduate level Project Management courses, and he has earned the award for Top Sales and MVP at Hewlett-Packard, a Fortune 100 company.

Email: [email protected]

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Member At Large - Pegah Teymoorian, PhD

Dr. Pegah Teymoorian is an Organizational Psychologist, Human Resources Professional and Leadership Coach. She uses her knowledge and expertise in the human development field to coach executives, and other organizational leaders, who may face challenges in leadership positions. Dr. Teymoorian uses a goal setting model that empowers organizational leaders and helps them strengthen their performance and relationships at work.

Email: [email protected]

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