Build Your Client Base Bigger, Faster, and Better

 Changing How You Sell Changes Everything! 

Paul Roth

September 26 & 28, 1:00 - 2:30 pm Pacific

Your Challenge

All of us are selling all of the time, yet few of us are conscious of what we are doing. We struggle to connect with others when our unwitting language habits betray us.

Many professional coaches are challenged with generating new business.

The focus can easily become one of “getting” more clients, rather than “giving” better service.

We have previously been exposed to and learned adversarial, agenda-based selling techniques that feel pushy or salesy.

The Advisory Selling Method is designed to help you to unleash the power of your natural advisory selling skills, so that the adversarial habits we have previously learned will fall to the background.

This program will be a first step in the direction of changing how you sell.

Our Invitation

 We invite you to attend the two sessions of this PCA Skill Development Workshop. By just attending these sessions you will awaken to the hidden selling power already within you and that will begin your process of changing how you sell.

Our promise is that you will have greater clarity about why selling seems to be so hard and results difficult to produce. You will also step though a doorway to a new world of selling you may not know exists.

You will likely be uncomfortable in these two highly interactive sessions, but your discomfort will be the measure of the value you create for yourself.

Everything You Need is Already Within You!


Making the Shift

You will see how you can make the critical shift from being a survival-driven agenda-based selling agent to becoming the service driven commitment-based trusted advisor that clients are seeking and that you long to become.

The Process We Will Use

  1. You answer three preparation questions, that will prepare you to maximize the value of your program.
  2. You will see the adversarial habits you employ, all learned from parents, teachers, managers, consultants and trainers.
  3. You will learn about five adversarial ways of selling and how they contrast with the Advisory Selling Method.
  4. You will see the seeds of deceptive selling which dominate our world and learn about inceptive selling that can change that world.
  5. You will be asked to answer three transition questions that will carry you between the two sessions.
  6. You will learn the universal definition of selling and what truly compels clients to take action.
  7. You will learn about the Advisory Selling Principles and the modules of the Advisory Selling Method.
  8. You will be introduced to the three practices of Building Partnerships that are the foundation of advisory selling.
  9. You will learn about what will be required for you to change how you sell.
  10. You will be asked to complete three completion questions that will validate the value you created for yourself in the program.

The Results You Can Expect

  • You will see the differences between agenda-based selling and commitment-based advising and where you stand currently.
  • You will see the roadmap to a new way of selling that can make it more efficient, effective, empowering, enjoyable, and easier.
  • You will begin to connect with the part of selling that is already advisory that is working for you and how to build on that foundation. 

Special PCA Event

Session 1: Tuesday, September 26, 2023
1:00 - 2:30pm Pacific

Session 2: Thursday, September 28, 2023
1:00 - 2:30pm Pacific


Become the Trusted Advisor 

Join us for this exciting special event – not to be missed. Get ready to be uncomfortable and to see things you may never have considered before about selling. There will be a video, but you don’t want to miss the live interactions. This is a rare opportunity to get the an inside understanding about selling and what you can do to make it the joy it was always meant to be.

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About Our Speaker

Paul Roth has been a professional executive business coach for more than three decades. He was one of the first. He has worked with numerous Fortune 100 corporations, many small businesses and thousands of individuals who have been engaged in coaching, advising and selling.

He feels he has learned a lot from so many good people some of which moved from zero income to many millions of dollars a year. In commercial real estate, manufacturing, biotechnology and many other industries.

By learning his methods as so many others have, you will find that the challenge of generating new clients and retaining the ones you have will get a lot more certain. Your efforts to generate more business will naturally blossom into new clients, repeat business, and referrals.

Learn more about Paul here.