BizLab Event: Tuesday, February 28, 2023
1:00 - 2:30pm Pacific


BizLab Roundtable: Thursday, March 2, 2023
1:00 - 2:30pm Pacific


 Business Roadmap - A Guide to Your Success

Being a successful coach means you must be great at coaching and great at setting up and running a business. Many coaching programs teach you powerful methods to transform your clients but very little to transform you into a successful entrepreneur. This lack of knowledge and support leads coaches to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and not enjoying running their businesses.

That is not necessary. Business doesn’t need to feel so hard. I love business systems and I make it enjoyable (or at least a lot more fun) than you might believe right now.

Whether you:

  • Are just starting out and need to create a strong foundation with simple and clear steps.
  • Or have been in business for years and are ready to improve and bring in more automation so that you can move to the next level.

Putting into place the correct business systems gives you more ease, time, and money flowing into your business.

In this engaging and impactful workshop, we'll be covering:

  • Why are you working hard at what other people play at?
  • How to STOP treating it like a hobby and start treating it like a business.
  • The 5 elements you must have to start a functional business and what needs to be Optimized as you grow your business.
  • You’ll learn your overall Business Readiness Score and many other tips and tricks.

BizLab Roundtable: Apply What You Learn to Your Business

Join us on Thursday at 1 pm PT for the BizLab Roundtable. Share with others your key takeaways and planned action steps for implementing what you learned from Tuesday's session. You learn best when you start applying what you've learned by taking concrete actions right away. We do this in a community setting, so that we can support each other on our journeys to successful, thriving coaching practices.

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About the speaker

Linda Edmiston is a small business consultant, and strategy and implementation coach. She helps coaches brainstorm and implement the systems, automation, and techniques that allow them to spend more time in their genius zone – working with clients.

She brings over 20 years in corporate sales, marketing, and finance creating and improving systems for companies such as Expedia. She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs take control of their businesses, their lives, and their futures. She works side by side with you to bring ease, automation, structure, and yes more fun to your business. She believes the more you understand, set up, implement, and maybe even enjoy all aspects of your business, the more successful you will be. Learn more about Linda here.

** NOTE: Monthly Pass includes the PCA Connect & Learn on February 13 & 15, 2023