Connect & Learn


C&L Event: Monday, February 13, 2023
11:00am - 12:30pm Pacific


C&L Roundtable: Wednesday, February 15, 2023
11:00am - 12:30pm Pacific


 The Roadmap to Success for the Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur

Profitable businesses use the timeless approach of building on a foundation of things that don’t change. Coaches by their very nature are purpose-driven and too many have little or no training on how to create a profitable business. The truth is that businesses built with simple frameworks and effective strategies are both profitable and easy to run too! When you pair the Principles of Profitability with the 6 Keys to Success you will quickly find yourself set upon the path to getting you the results you have always wanted. It is surprisingly easy to make money doing what you love when you have a roadmap.

In this content rich, edu-taining workshop, we'll be covering:

  • Discover the essential elements and key drivers of revenue
  • 5 simple steps you can take to get out of your own way
  • The #1 thing you can do every day to create a profitable business and take back your time.

C&L Roundtable: Apply What You Learn to Your Business

Join us on Wednesday at 11 am PT for the Connect & Learn Roundtable. Share with others your key takeaways and planned action steps for implementing what you learned from Monday's session. You learn best when you start applying what you've learned by taking concrete actions right away. We do this in a community setting, so that we can support each other on our journeys to successful, thriving coaching practices.

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About the speaker

Lorna Whiteaker is a small business consultant, profits coach, and financial skills trainer helping business owners use the proven systems, formulas and techniques that allow them to create businesses they will love and will love them back.

She brings over 30 years of experience working with small businesses. Lorna has worked as an administrator in the legal industry and as an independent business consultant helping hundreds of entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality. She can help you clarify your vision, up your financial savvy and create an actionable plan for your business that will support your goals. She can work with you to get the strategies and structures in place that will grow your business. Lorna’s goal is to turn your business into a highly profitable, revenue-generating machine that practically runs itself. Learn more about Lorna here

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