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Monday, December 12, 2022  
11:00am - 12:30pm Pacific



– How to Leave What Weighs You Down Behind and Soar into 2023 on The Wings of Lightness and Aliveness

As coaches we know we can't expect conscious goals and commitments to work when subconsciously we drag outdated beliefs, stuck emotions, and resistance from the past into the future. Yet how often do we take the time to do the necessary clean-up work in our brains, hearts, and bodies we support our clients to do in every session with us?

This over-the-top interactive creative edutainment workshop on Zoom is designed to help you do just that.

Learn Sylvia's proprietary four step SOAR-Model to:
1. You'll become aware of what is weighing you down from 2022.
2. You'll use ritual and a cocktail of Sylvia's many tools and modalities she is certified in to release the weight and liberate yourself to move into a new dream future.
3. You'll use Intentional Creativity® to design the wings to carry you into 2023 with lightness and aliveness.

Expect to stand up, move your body, write, draw and talk in breakout rooms with your peers and share inside the big group. Sylvia has designed a process based in neuroscience, somatic coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique, archetype and ritual work plus Intentional Creativity.

Please prepare your space and bring the following material:

  • You need enough space to move your chair away and stand up and turn with your arms stretched out 360 degrees without knocking anything over.
  • Please wear comfortable shoes or come bare feet.
  • Please wear comfortable clothes in which you can move around in easily, a heavy old scarf or blanket, and a colorful thin light scarf e.g. made out of silk or a thin tablecloth.
  • Please have on hand a few loose sheets of papers or a letter size journal which you don't mind ripping pages out of. Plus, several different colored markers.
  • Prepare your space and material ahead of time so you can come to the call on time ready for a wonderful intense and transformational experience.
  • Have water to drink on hand! There will be no official break.
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About the speaker

Sylvia Becker-Hill is a Renaissance Woman, painting artist, certified Intentional Creativity Color of Women Teacher, and Motherboard Coach. In 2002, she was the first German Professional Certified Coach at the International Coach Federation and received a matriarch leadership award in 2014 for her many contributions to the advancement of the coaching industry.

This year marks her 25th anniversary of being in business as a coach. She is known for her effervescent creativity and genius to connect the seemingly unconnectable. Some of her memes are: "It is ok to be happy" and "Let love lead. Always."

Learn more about Sylvia at or about her art and coaching.