Business Roundtable

Thursday, August 25, 2022  11:00am - 12:30pm Pacific

Facilitated by Jack Rand, PCA VP Workshops

Join with fellow coaches and service providers as we collaborate to brainstorm solutions and grow our businesses in real time!

Bring your business questions and challenges, as well as your expertise and wisdom. 

In this interactive virtual session, you will ... 

  • have spotlight time to introduce yourself, share 'readers digest version' of how you got started, who and how you serve your clients
  • ask for and receive feedback and ideas for a current challenge you would like support with
  • contribute feedback and ideas to others for challenges they are seeking support with

What does PCA Member Joni Wilson, America's Premier Voice Trainer, Best-selling Author, Coach/Consultant have to say about the Roundtable?

"Being a Voice Coach in a State that has banned Singing and Speaking (due to the Covid-19 Lockdowns), I have to say 2020/2021 have not been my BEST years. The one "Shining Light" during these trying-tines has been my virtual connections with the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance. Not only are their monthly meetings filled with priceless information and valuable tips that have kept me moving forward, (as the rest of the world waits for all "This" to be over), I have discovered the perfect tool to keep me accountable and on track toward my successful online business. That tool is hosted by Business Coach, Author, and Strategy Expert Jack Rand and is called Virtual Business Roundtable/Mastermind. Not only; at the session, do I have a chance to work with Jack, personally, (and that in itself is priceless), I am also guided and mentored by professional coaches in the group, who willing answer my questions and walk me through my challenges. In the 2 hours we spend together, Jack also gives us time to share our own visions with each other, and I can say that I have never left a meeting without a do-able task in-hand and a goal to reach for. I can also say, from the bottom of my heart, that I recommend this Roundtable and Jack Rand's expert coaching to all who feel stuck or want a stage, (virtual), to share their triumphs, wisdom, and challenges."

What does PCA Member Selina have to say about the Roundtable?

"It has been a very positive experience for me learning from Jack Rand in the round table meeting.
I am a new Life Coach and I recently graduated. Jack was tremendously helpful in setting up my website. I do appreciate his time/input and I am planning on using his suggestions.
Thank you so much Jack."

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Jack Rand, Strategic Business Coach, Author, Speaker

Jack has developed transformational selling systems for self-employed service providers for over 30 years, generating millions of dollars in new revenue.

Engaging his audience and Roundtable participants alike, he invites them to discover greater effectiveness and results-oriented strategies. Transparent, vulnerable, and authentic, Jack encourages the same from all who are present. His straightforward, quick-witted approach allows participants to hear, retain, and use the information he presents. 

Jack's programs provide an interactive, hands-on experience that leads you step-by-step through processes to achieve the results you really want. 

He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Speech Communications and graduate level Project Management courses, and he has earned the award for Top Sales and MVP at Hewlett-Packard, a Fortune 100 company.

Read more about Jack at