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Monday, July 11, 2022  
am - 12:30pm Pacific


A Simple Recipe to Enroll 5 New Clients Each Month

Adal Bermann has sold over $1M worth of contracts and helped over 100 companies grow.

In this ACE, he will explain in simple terms how anyone with a clear offering and target audience can grow their business by at least 5 new clients each month... by focusing on human connection and holding space for prospects to enroll themselves.

Topics covered:

Align your messaging to the intention of human connection

Reach your audience

  • from cold calling...
  • to complex content marketing...
  • back to direct outreach: the bliss of social selling outreach automation

Enroll by Holding Space

  • From casual conversation (in the DM and during the first 3 minutes of a call)
  • To setting clear intentions & asking for consent to inquire
  • Focus on them, hold space, be of service
  • Tie it into your value, process and promises
  • "What questions do you have?" > Hold space and facilitate the decision

Stay close to your referral network

  • Send personal messages
  • Reward people for referrals (but don't bribe)

Nurture your audience (to scale)

  • Mass message your list & leverage your social network
  • Deliver value, personal connection
  • Host group events for larger sales campaigns

In this workshop, you will:

  • Put lead generation on cruise control
  • Develop a reliable enrollment process
  • Stop wondering where your next client will come from
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About the speaker

Adal Bermann, PCA VP Technology, has sold over $1M worth of contracts and helped over 100 companies grow. Adal is a Website Designer, Marketing Consultant, Content Creator and Founder of Adal combines a decade of experience in web development with a passion for genuine expression - to support coaches and healers with mindful marketing that attracts clients who are ready to receive their unique gift of healing and expansion.

Learn more about Adal here.