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Monday, June 13, 2022  
am - 12:30pm Pacific


Playing the Integrity Game!

We would all agree the entire world could use a little more Integrity these days … so, we must also agree that it's time to increase the ways we use Integrity in our own life, practice and coaching process! To do that, we must move beyond our nebulous uber-subjective concepts of Integrity and into a concrete and practical state of being for ourselves and our clients!

In his modern-day parable, The Integrity Game, executive coach Jeffrey Klubeck weaves our national pastime with ten points of integration that are vivid, rich and actionable. Through the lens of baseball, Jeff introduces Luke, an uninspired hot dog vendor, and Terry, an unexpected coach, and masterfully integrates his key principles for life and business into their story.

According to Senior Editor for USA Today’s Sports Media Group, “Jeff Klubeck’s ‘The Integrity Game’ is an engaging, accessible introduction to the foundations of personal success. Set against the backdrop of America’s pastime, as you get to know the characters of this refreshing narrative, the importance of purpose, goal-setting and accountability in achieving positive growth become apparent.”

You can expect a ‘fast-paced, humor-laced and in-your-face’ discussion of The Integrity Game … both the book and Jeff’s practical 10-point strategy for increasing Integrity for ourselves and our clients.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Participants will co-create an expanded understanding of Integrity (from conceptual to practical).
  • Participants will learn a 10-point model for increasing Integrity w/self and clients.
  • Participants will learn strategies to overcome 3 major challenges all coaches face (enrollment, intervention, accountability).
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About the speaker

Jeffrey Klubeck, M.A. is a retired Professor of Communication, an International Coach, Speaker, Trainer and an Author of several Soft Skills books including an Amazon #1 Best Selling New Release, The Integrity Game. He has delivered Integrity Game keynotes, workshops and soft skills trainings to diverse organizations such as Project Management Institute, United Health Care, Educational Service District 105, The Specialty Advertising Association of California and the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association to name a few.  Jeffrey has been Coaching and “Coaching the Coaches” since 2007 and has earned such assignments in 12 countries across 4 continents.

Read more about Jeffrey here.