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Monday, April 11, 2022  
am - 12:30pm Pacific


Coaching for Trust at Work: Supporting Your Clients in Becoming Intentional Trust-Builders

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If you coach in organizations, you know how much trust matters. Durable trust is the foundation for success and wellbeing at work. As a coach you’ve witnessed its value when trust is present and the cost when it is missing. This session will give you a powerful framework and language to help your clients increase their capacity to build, maintain and, when necessary, restore trust in the workplace. This session is based on The Thin Book of Trust 2nd Edition by Charles Feltman. If you have not read the book, the session will offer valuable new learning. If you are already familiar with its contents, this will be an opportunity to take it deeper.

In this workshop, you will:

Be able to listen for and identify trust breakdowns your clients are experiencing

Have new ways to create awareness in clients of how their behaviors build or damage trust

Be able to help your clients broaden their understanding of and choices around trusting others

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About the speaker

Charles Feltman has been coaching, facilitating and training people who lead others for 27 years, after leading others himself for 15 years. An overarching intention in his work is that his clients express their greatest potential as leaders and as human beings. Today Charles’ work is concentrated in three areas: coaching individual leaders and leadership teams; designing and delivering leadership development programs; and helping people build strong trust at work. 

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