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Monday, March 14, 2022  
am - 1:00pm Pacific


Pump Up Profits and
Convert More Clients in a Pandemic World

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Are you finding that what used to work in your business simply isn’t anymore...or maybe it never quite worked the way you wanted it to in the first place? 

Are you tired of spinning your wheels and running on fumes, only to barely get by each month? 

If you answered YES to either question, then join PCA and Nikkie Achartz of SNAP Savvy Strategies for Pump Up Profits and Convert More Clients in a Post Pandemic World: What to do when the usual way of doing business isn't working in these UNusual times!
In this content rich, edu-taining workshop we'll be covering how to:

Become a trauma informed business owner so you understand why you, your clients and your prospects all seem to be behaving erratically...and what to do about it.

Identify where your business is falling short on opportunities for increasing cash flow.

Reevaluate your target market behaviors so you can meet them where they are in the post pandemic shift.

Pinpoint where your business is breaking down and adjust your funnel and sales process to address changing target market needs.

Reassess pricing and service offerings to ensure they meet both the needs of your potential clients and your profit margins.

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About the speaker

Nikkie Achartz, CEO of SNAP Savvy Strategies, is a well-known Pricing & Profitability Consultant, transformational speaker and workshop facilitator who has extensive experience in sales psychology, trauma informed business growth strategies, and image based branding.

Read more about Nikkie on her website: