Alliance Community Event


Monday, November 8, 2021 
am - 11:00am Pacific


Online Marketing for Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs

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Do you wish your message made you stand out and created high engagement online?
Learn how to stand out on social media with a unique message and visibility plan that attracts the perfect clients. 

In this highly engaging and interactive virtual session, you will learn... 

* Establish Your Business STAND and Create Powerful Messaging

* Find Your PERFECT People Who Are Willing To Pay You

* Craft Your Visibility Plan Using Your Personality And Simplify Your Social Media

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About the speaker

Online business strategist Patti Keating teaches entrepreneurs how to create 7-figure businesses using powerful online marketing strategies.

Before starting her own company, Patti created multiple businesses and served as Director Of Membership at The Eugene Area Chamber Of Commerce, supporting local businesses in marketing and growth strategies.

Patti’s company, The Entrepreneur Unleashed, is a fast growing coaching and mentoring organization with programs supporting entrepreneurs as they grow their leadership and CEO skills. Her commitment to providing personal implementation and accountability has been responsible for hundreds of clients generating millions of dollars. Patti is the creator of The Client Conversion Method; a strategic process to enrolling clients online through mastery of the foundational principles of relationship building and online launching.

Patti is not only an award winning Master Coach and University of Oregon graduate in Marketing, Finance and Computer Science, she has been featured on ABC, CBS and NBC, and is the host of the The Entrepreneur Unleashed Show, a top 10 rated iTunes podcast.

Patti is committed to ongoing philanthropic work, serving as Mentorship Chair for Portlandia Club, helping women in need learn business skills.