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Monday, September 13, 2021 
am - 11:00am Pacific


How to Ensure Your Coaching Works  

A painless mindset shift to accelerate progress and multiply results 

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Magicians have a clever trick: misdirection. A skilled performer gets the audience looking at one thing, then executes the actual trick where they’re not focused. It works because we WANT to see something magical. The audience is not only being entertained, they're also participating in the misdirection!

Coaches have the same kind of opportunity. What if, we’ve been looking at one thing while the magic in a coaching engagement is happening somewhere else? And what if, our clients actually want to participate in the same kind of excitement as the audience at a magic show?

And maybe most of all, what if we can make simple mindset adjustments and deliver better client outcomes?

In this session "How to Ensure Your Coaching Works: How a painless mindset shift can accelerate progress and multiply results", Jonathan Reitz will walk you through where the most effective coaches put their attention (Hint: it's not where you think!) and how to realign your lenses to deliver better coaching experiences AND more impactful client results. You'll explore the partnership between coach and client with a new lens, and shift your mindset to better serve you client. Jonathan will challenge you to keep your focus where it needs to be: to serve your clients, grow your skills, and expand your business.

In this highly engaging and interactive virtual session, you will learn... 
  • Learn the difference between assessment and measurement, and how that distinction will change your coaching.


  • Explore the shift that every coach must make to MULTIPLY the impact of the ICF Core Competencies in their coaching.


  • Develop a plan for your coaching practice that sets you up for transformational results for your clients.
The session addresses ICF core competencies and attendees may receive CEUs, BCCs for attending in the following areas:

*Demonstrates Ethical Practice
*Embodies a Coaching Mindset

Co-creating the Relationship
*Establishes and Maintains Agreements
*Communicating Effectively
*Evokes Awareness

Cultivating Learning and Growth
* Facilitates Client Growth

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About the speaker

Jonathan Reitz, MCC is FLUXIFY's Director for Training/CEO. Jonathan holds the Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential in the International Coaching Federation. He’s also the co-founder of the Team Coaching Global Alliance, and has been featured multiple times on the World Business and Executive Coaches Summit (WBECS).

He wrote Coaching Hacks: Simple Strategies to Make Every Conversation More Effective. Jonathan is a member of the faculty in the Weatherhead School of Management Coaching Program at Case Western Reserve University. Jonathan Reitz lives in Cleveland, Ohio with his wife Joy and daughter Julia.