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Monday, August 9, 2021  9:00am - 11:00am Pacific


How to Handle Objections 

Learn the 7 Core Objections & 5 Key Elements to Handling Objections with Dignity & Grace

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Don't you just LOVE the sales part of your business? Especially handling “the dreaded money objection?”

HA! If not, you are not alone. Most coaches don’t like, and even hate, this part of their business.

Why? Because we’d rather be coaching.

And we think sales is somehow “sleazy” or "salesy," and we don't want to be "pushy."

What if you learned how to handle any objection with confidence, dignity and respect?

Imagine your prospects actually being ATTRACTED to you for the way you handle their questions and objections?


Michael will cover...

✔️ The Art & Science to Handling Objections - How to blend proven concepts with YOUR personal style so you are always authentic and real.

✔️ All the objections you will ever hear with specific ROLE PLAYS on the three most challenging!

✔️ The first two things that simply must come out of your mouth when you hear an objection

✔️ A cool and authentic setup that addresses the "elephant in the room" and puts your prospect at ease

Michael is VERY interactive.  He doesn’t hide behind his slides.  Every point he makes includes input, discussion, questions, buy-in.  He'll be having us practice with ROLE PLAYS.  He will do them in the main room, then ask folks to practice the breakouts and report back in the main room.  It will be fun, high energy, and tons of learning and interaction!

In this highly engaging and interactive virtual session, you will learn... 
  • Learn the 7 Core Objections and the 5 key elements to handling them with dignity and grace
  • Your belief and confidence will grow so that you take more marketing action to get consultations!
  • More consultations leads to more clients, which makes you happy, prosperous and fulfilling your mission in the world in service to others!

Michael's trainings are robust, comprehensive, and fast-moving...NO FLUFF, sales or sleaze!

You will love this program because at its foundation are the principles of TRUST, INTIMACY, RESPECT, AND AUTHENTICITY with your prospects.

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About the speaker

Michael Charest
Michael Charest (Sher-est) is a 17-year veteran business coach, consultant, author, and speak­er.
In 2000, he partnered with ICF and Coach U Founder, Thomas Leonard and embarked on his “Millennium Tour,” where they met thousands of coaches, most of whom were struggling to build their coaching businesses.  To help them, Michael founded Coach & Grow RICH, later Business Growth Solutions, and now Michael Rocks Coaching.  The focus was and is to help solo and micro businesses attract more clients, grow their businesses, and live the prosperous life they deserve! 
Michael has coached over 500 individual and 1,500 small group clients, delivered more than 150 live talks and webinars, and created over 1,200 pages of business content, as well as a self-help book, From Grunt to Greatness! 
He LOVES working with coaches so they can bring their magic to the world!

Learn more about Michael at