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Monday, July 12, 2021  9:00am - 11:00am Pacific


SCORE, The Nation’s Largest Network of Volunteer Business Mentors 


How Can A Business Mentor Help?

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Hear about SCORE and how the organization can add value and assist in meeting business and professional goals. In building a successful business, people have multiple resources that can offer help to guide them down their respective paths. One resource that may be underutilized is that of mentoring – getting independent advice, guidance, and idea exchanges from someone who has a depth of experiences, or connections to multiple resources, and an experienced view of business issues. This presentation provides insights into the value of a mentor and how it may be applicable to future business success. 

You will better understand...

  1. Who is SCORE, San Diego?
  2. What is a mentor?
  3. What the mentor/mentee relationship involves.
  4. What value to expect from a mentor.
In this highly engaging and interactive virtual session, you will learn... 
  • The mission, focus, resources, and talents SCORE, San Diego can provide to entrepreneurs and businesses.
  • The benefits to a business or entrepreneur from working with a mentor.
  • How the relationship works between a business owner or entrepreneur and a mentor.
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About the speaker

Steven Sivitz
SCORE: Mentor; Chairperson, Community Engagement

Steve has spent his career in the mobile/wireless communications industry. He has worked for large multi-national companies down to early stage start-ups. He has been the co-founder of two communications companies. Mr. Sivitz had leadership roles in business development, sales, marketing, and product management for global markets. He has over 30 years’ experience revitalizing sales, developing partnerships for go-to-market and technology transfer, negotiating supply agreements, and expanding market share in three mobile communication industries – cellular, enterprise wireless (WiFi) and satellite.

His areas of expertise include:
• Negotiations     
• Business and partnership development
• Sales
• Marketing
• Corporate leadership
• Strategic planning
• Business plans
• Contract structure
• Product management
• Customer discovery