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Monday, April 12, 2021  9:00 am - 11:00 am Pacific


Up-leveling Your Emotional Agility 

Amplify Your Understanding Of and Facility With Adding an Emotion
That's Been Missing or In Short Supply for You 
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As a Coach, have you… 

  • wanted to be a part of a group or project--yet lacked the courage or boldness?
  • encountered a Client or potential Client who throws you off or unsettles you?
  • avoided Direct Communication with a Client worrying that YOUR capacity and skills were insufficient?
  • ‘played it safe’ in your coach approach with a Client? 

Some good news for you. On the journey to masterful coaching.  ALL of these experiences are natural, normal and desirable. YES…DESIRABLE!

In each of these situations, your current emotional intelligence is insufficient AND is an opportunity to up-level your Emotional Agility.

Up-leveling your emotional agility is GOOD for business! Why? The deeper you can go as a coach, the more clients will trust YOU with THEIR learning journey.

Curious as to how you might up-level your emotional agility skills?

Join Carol Courcy, who coined the term “emotional agility” in her book SAVE YOUR INNER TORTOISE.

Amplify your understanding of and facility with adding an emotion that’s been missing or in short supply for you.

In this interactive virtual session, you will ... 
  • Identify a personal emotional learning edge.

  • Select an emotion to you add to your “emotional wardrobe”.

  • Learn a methodology to practice

  • Hints from neuroscience to increase your confidence for learning something that’s eluded you.

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About the speaker

 Carol Courcy, MCC

From 2000-2008 Carol Courcy, MCC was Vice President for Newfield Network in the USA, Director of Coach Training for North America, and Senior Course Leader. Her students have come from North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Since 2000, Carol has been an ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC) and an active member of the global ICF Coaching Credentialing team where she certifies coaches.

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