Virtual Live Workshop

Tuesday, January 19, 2021  4:00pm - 5:00pm Pacific

Shed the Weight of 2020

Lighten up your business for 2021

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Are you feeling unsettled by the global pandemic and the collective grief?

Have you lost clients?  Lost revenue?  Missing your previously enjoyed in-person opportunities?

Are you overwhelmed by the unknown?  Don’t know how to integrate it all?   

Want to pivot with your business and move forward with an inspired plan?

Then this guided process using Intentional Creativity® for self-reflection and sharing among your SDPCA coach peers is perfect for you.  Sylvia Becker-Hill is here to walk us through these challenges and:

Please have a few pages of blank paper and different colored markers or pens on hand!

In this interactive virtual session, you will learn how to:

  • harvest the learning from 2020
  • discover hidden beauty and magical surprises from your own inner knowing
  • step into 2021 with a self-empowering motto and fresh focus to create a soul-based coaching business
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About the speaker

Sylvia Becker-Hill 

Our guide on this quest is Sylvia Becker-Hill.  An executive coach since 1997, Sylvia was the first German Professional ICF Certified Coach in 2002. She ran her own coaching training school for seven years in Michigan and got a leadership award from the ICF in 2014, for her life-time contributions as a pioneer of the coaching industry.

The pandemic gifted her with the lockdown at home and she used the time to rebirth herself as a professional painting artist.  She got certified as an Intentional Creativity teacher and meta-cognitive drawing coach. She has launched a new coaching + art business, table art books publishing house and had her debut gallery show in Idyllwild California… all in 12 weeks in the fall of 2020.

Sylvia is a creative unstoppable Renaissance woman, who is impossible to put into any classic business box.  She is currently building her Juicy Life Leader Academy, an online membership program for corporate leaders, with the intention to create a movement of evolved leaders who create a post-patriarchal, world-based, in-gender partnership that works for everyone.