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Monday, January 11, 2021  8:30am - 12:00pm Pacific

Bridging the Gap Between Therapy & Coaching:

Make confident & crystal clear decisions on how to support your clients  

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Arianna will be giving away her 7+ years of education in Clinical Psychology during this session to bridge the gap between coaching and therapy. This 90-minute session will go over 4 different education areas that Arianna has researched to be most beneficial to coaches. These include but are not limited to; Risk Assessment, Clinical Skills, Application and Crisis Management, and Utilizing Consultation and Referral. 

  • In Risk Assessment, we will focus on intake processes such as initial consultation questions, intake questions, and established safety plan to protect not only the client but the coach as well. 
  • In Clinical Skills, this will be a brief training on tools such as active listening, reflection, holding space tools through body language and verbal cues to support clients. This section will go over how to support clients experiencing the most common clinical diagnoses and Arianna will go over her “capture the flag” concept in catching certain flags for higher risk clients. This section will also address suicidal clients and how to best support them in a way that protects both the coach and the client. 
  • In Application and Crisis Management, we will be going over case examples, role plays, and intervention suggestions to handle certain challenging scenarios with clients. We will also go over how to use any triggers, therapeutic ruptures, and a request to end services prematurely in a healing way for the client. 
  • Next, we have Utilizing Consultation and Referral which explores how coaches can utilize consultation with other coaches and other mental health professionals with certain coaching client questions and how to differentiate when a client may need referral to a mental health professional or higher-level care.

The session addresses ICF core competencies and attendees may receive CEUs, BCCs for attending in the following areas:

  • Setting the Foundation
  • Co-creating the Relationship
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Facilitating Learning and Results

In this interactive virtual session, you will learn how to:

  • Empower coaches to make more informed and crystal clear decisions on how to support their clients in ALL the situations that come up in coaching
  • Feel more confident to provide consistent results regardless of the state of the client
  • Increase client retainment
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About the speaker

Arianna Zabriskie, MA. MFT Arianna is on a mission to use her expertise in Clinical Psychology to bring mental health training, counseling skills, and risk assessment to coaches in an effort to finally bridge the gap between therapy and coaching.

Arianna is a practicing Marriage and Family Therapist working in addiction recovery, a Forgiveness Coach, and a 2nd year doctoral student of Clinical Psychology.