Virtual Live Workshop

Wednesday, August 26, 2020  12:00pm - 1:30pm Pacific

The ART + SCIENCE of Coaching

"Every master starts off in beginners' mind.
And, those who grow as masters stay in beginners' mind the whole of their lives."

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Understanding the fundamentals of coaching and how to use the ICF competencies is the launching point for mastery. Once you integrate your understanding, you then have the freedom to dance in your coaching conversations; supporting your clients to explore transformational places.

There is an Art+Science to the core competencies. They create a container to a coaching conversation that allows for the client to develop self-awareness.

Lyssa will do a 30-minute coaching demonstration utilizing and marking the behaviors and competencies that you see in the coaching, followed by a detailed debrief and be able to pick her mind to her choice points. Make your own connection between the questions and the competencies.

She will provide a Coaching Competency Worksheet.

In this highly interactive and thought-provoking presentation, you will learn how to:

  • Link the old ICF Competencies to the Updated Competencies.
  • Deepen your understanding of the neuroscience of the competencies.
  • Understand the science of the coaching container with agreement setting, building trust, coaching presence, listening actively, evoking awareness, and facilitating growth.
  • Explore the art of listening deeply to support client awareness and insights.
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About the speaker

Lyssa deHart, LICSW, MCC, author of StoryJacking: Change Your Dialogue, Transform Your Life, is a Leadership Confidence and Whole Life Coach. Lyssa works with confidence challenged high achievers who are ready to rewrite the internal narratives that slow them down. Her clients include executives, senior leadership, and managers at organizations such as Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft, the US Military, as well as with creative writers, actors, and artists.
Lyssa is also an ICF Certified Mentor Coach and course leader with an international coaching school. She uses her understanding of the ICF Core Competencies, combined with her knowledge of Neuroscience, to work with Professional Coaches.