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Wednesday, July 29, 2020  11:00am - 12:30pm Pacific

Grow Your Business Faster with Affiliate Partners

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Every business needs to engage in marketing activities to generate leads. One form of marketing that is familiar to most businesses is to make or receive warm introductions to and from other people and businesses that you know and trust.

What if you were actively working with people who could introduce you to new qualified leads for your business from their audience, and promote your offers to their audience either with you or on your behalf, and in return you share a portion of the sales proceeds with them for the referral.

And, what if you do the same for them in return for a portion of their sales proceeds?

Everyone wins - the partner receiving the referrals,
the partner making the referrals,
and their mutual clients.

These win-win-win affiliate referral relationships are called affiliate relationships or Joint Ventures, and the business owners who are collaborating are often referred to as joint venture partners or affiliate partners.

In this highly interactive presentation, you will get structures for:

  • How to set up joint venture relationships to help grow and scale your business
  • How to craft your joint venture invitation offer to potential JV partners
  • Specific steps you can take to become “JV ready”
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About the speaker

Tom Teague, PhD, is an online business success coach, with over 30 years of experience building information systems for large organizations like Exxon and NASA. He currently serves as President of the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance. Tom’s mission is to work with coaches, consultants, authors, and speakers to achieve online success faster. He does this by helping his clients design and build engaging, interactive online business systems. These online platforms enable Tom’s clients to grow their businesses faster using online technologies and through that serve their mission to have a greater positive impact in the world.

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