Virtual Live Workshop

Monday, May 11, 2020  12:30pm - 2:30pm Pacific

Organizing Your Thoughts for Speaking: In-person and On-line

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You love the group you’re going to. You love the topic they advertised.  

You can’t wait for the meeting!  You show up and then…whuh? 
What happened up there?

Why didn’t it work? 

You know there was a message in there somewhere but, somehow, it just got lost. 
Or even worse:  Might people be feeling that way when you present?

From a simple introduction to a full keynote speech, all the energy in the world won’t fix
a lack of structure.

In this highly practical and fun-filled workshop, Milo will present his "Four Steps to Successful Speech Structure" and:

  • Outline a clear and creative way to organize yourself for a presentation.
  • Demonstrate how to captivate the room and have people seeking you out
    at the break for your card.
  • Show you the difference between a 30-second intro and an elevator speech.
  • Technology permitting, you’ll be paired with another attendee to practice your killer intro… and then we’ll hear a few of them.
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About the speaker

Milo Shapiro, The Improv Guy, is a Motivational speaker, Teambuilder,
Public Speaking Coach and author of “Public Speaking: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!.”

Milo blends his years of Improv experience with solid platform fundamentals to make your speaking more fun, interesting, powerful, and memorable. for his speaking site for his coaching site