Monthly Meeting

Monday, April 13, 2020  8:30am - 12:00pm Pacific

How to Re-invent Your Life & Live Intentionally 

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Have you or a client ever experienced how it feels to reach a point of no return
where life seems to be spiraling out of control?

Through her own painful journey out of chaos, our April meeting speaker discovered how to transform those spiraling forces into POWER and changed her life forever. Through her years of experience and working with clients, Diane Forster discovered how to live with intention and how to use the power of your thoughts, feelings, words and actions to create life on your own terms. She teachesus how to do it as well through her 6 easy-to-implement secrets that will have you living the “I HAVE TODAY” way!

Imagine going from feeling stuck with no passion or purpose to feeling hopeful, excited, focused and energized! She will dispel feelings of fear, doubt and worry and infuse the audience with confidence and other positive, mindset-building, uplifting emotions.

In this insightful and interactive presentation, you will learn:

  • The Power of Making Decisions
  • The Freedom in Forgiveness
  • The Importance of Setting Intentions
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About the speaker

Diane Forster is the CEO of I Have Today. She is the host of a TV Show and a Podcast, an Intentional Living Expert, and Re-Invention Specialist. She works with clients privately and helps you clear away mindset blocks and limiting beliefs that can block you from reaching your full potential in business, life, and relationships. She’s written four books, including I Have Today: Find Your Passion, Purpose and Smile...Finally!  and Reach Your Greatness... Top Thought-Leaders Share Their Secrets for Living an Extraordinary Life!

Her career began in advertising and TV sales, with companies like
CBS and Disney/ABC. She is also an Award-Winning Inventor of
The Spifter, a fun kitchen tool. Diane has been featured on ABC, QVC, The Chicago Tribune, San Diego Voyager, Business News Daily and many other TV, Radio and Podcast shows. She has written articles for Inventor's Digest Magazine and writes an inspiring weekly blog.

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